· look for durability, something that can· look for durability, something that can

The company I chose is Nike, Inc. It is an American
multinational corporation engaged in design, development, manufacturing and
worldwide marketing and sales of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and


1.  I am a person who
has a passion for good clothing and footwear items, Nike provides me with
satisfaction because the company is known for its product quality, style and authentic
footwear and apparel. When I am in the market looking to buy new stuff I also
look for durability, something that can last me a good amount of time, Nike has
a respectable name in the market for selling products that are durable and
products that all kind of physical conditions. This company produces a wide
range of sports equipment. They make jerseys, shorts, shoes socks, gloves, etc.
and they have a massive range of variety to choose from that is why this
company satisfies my needs.

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2. Nike is constantly conducting research and studying the
market. It applied research mostly stresses on short term initiatives. These
initiatives are mostly about developing new products. This is comparatively a
less risky way to conduct research as well as cost effective. If they decided
to use primary research, they would be spending more resources and time. If a
project is profitable, it will be continued otherwise discontinued without
losing many resources.


3. Nike’s target market mostly consists of people engaged in
sports or for professional athletes. Nike’s demographic also consists of women
and children. Any person who likes sporty footwear or apparel is a part of
Nike’s target market.


Ø Demographic segmentation
which focuses on age, race, family, education and income.

Ø Personality traits which
is also called psychographics. These are personality and lifestyle descriptors.

Nike, Inc. constantly tries to innovate and put out new products in the market.
It sets market trends and is always up in their game when it comes to the
market. According to me their prime competitors in the market are Puma and Adidas.
These companies are great as well and offer great products but i personally
like Nike products more because they go better with my lifestyle.

Nike’s market orientation focuses on three concepts: customer focus, heavily
committed and superior value for customer. Their main focus is to satisfy every
need of their customers.

I love the overall collection and appearance of Nike’s products. They go well
with my style and are very comfortable. I also like their customer support and
their dedication to always put something new in the market.

Nike, Inc. has stores all over North America as it a big, well known brand. I
mostly buy its products directly from its stores or through Nike’s online
store. However, whenever I buy products from Nike’s online store, there is use
of intermediaries’ for shipping or transportation.

Nike has great advertising strategies to communicate with their customers. They
use audio – visual methods like television advertisements and internet
advertisements. They also put up billboards to aware people about their
products. They also give out special discounts and offers to attract audience
towards their company.

Nike, Inc. Build and send out online surveys to their customers to get their
feedbacks and comments. They are always trying to reach out to their customers
to provide any kind of support or help. It is interactive as the customers get
to actually share their views and give suggestions to the company.