· resin is flaked off, the VHF· resin is flaked off, the VHF

Communications and information
system: VHF Communication


A poor radio performance will
happen on both the transmitter and the receiver if a good ground plane is not

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Poor performance such as:
Reception and transmission may appear to be dependent on the direction and
communication between aircrafts cannot operate. Also, transmitting may cause
howling, screeching or other instruments to go haywire. This will result in the
transmitter being damage as well.



If an antenna is not connected
properly or deteriorated, it might still look fine but however if the white
fiberglass resin is flaked off, the VHF communication will not be able to work
properly. This issue might be overlooked by the personnel as the antenna looks


The antenna must also be mounted
in locations that are free from blockage and in areas that can be optimally
transmitted and received. Hence, the personnel must be able to select an area
that fulfill the requirements of where to install the antenna in order for it
to work smoothly.


A transmitting or receiving
antenna is attached directly to its corresponding transmitter or receiver using
a transmission line. This is a shielded wire which is also known as a coax. It
has special characteristics for the frequencies used and must match the radio
and antenna electrically and mechanically. A good antenna cable is to be use as
it is the key for being able to communicate over long distances.

When installing the antenna cables in the aircraft, it
is best to not have other cables come into contact with it. This is because it
will cause the RF power to radiate in the other aircraft wiring. Also, the
personnel should prevent from twisting the cable or have it too tighten in the
fuselage structure. The twisting of the cable can lead to splits in the outer
sheath which will lead to a downgrade of performance over time. Thus, the
personnel installing the antenna cables have to be extremely alert when
handling with the cable. Otherwise, it will lead to a dangerous situation when
the plane is in the air.