· was ousted, the new democratic government· was ousted, the new democratic government

When Saddam Hussein’s fabled
weapons of mass destruction failed to materialise after the American-led
invasion of 2003, Mr Bush switched instead to justifying the war as a fight for
freedom and democracy.

Mr Bush sincerely believed that
the Middle East would remain a breeding ground for terrorism so long as it was
dominated by dictators. But it did the democratic cause great harm.

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Left-wingers regarded it as proof
that democracy was just a figleaf (a thing intended to conceal a difficulty or
embarrassment) for American

Foreign-policy realists took
Iraq’s growing chaos as proof that
American-led promotion of democratisation was a recipe for instability.

Many civilians were caught in the
crossfires amidst badly aimed US drone strikes in Pakistan while refugees who
ran out of money froze to death one by one in an Afghan winter. Well over 150
000 civilians killed in total from the 9/11 wars and thousands of soldiers
killed, maimed, disabled or psychologically injured for life

After saddam hussein was ousted,
the new democratic government that was installed soon descended into sectarian
chaos, serving as a breeding ground for insurgency groups to emerge

By 2006, American intelligence
analysts had concluded that iraq had become a haven for islamist terrorists
which it had not been before the invasion

The war on terror also launched
the USA PATRIOT ACT, which gave the government unprecedented law enforcement
powers to combat domestic terrorism including the ability to wiretap and spy on
american civilians through surveillance programs like PRISM conducted by the
National Security Agency

At least 5000 people connected to
me were called in for questioning and 1200 were detained without any charge

Guantanamo bay was also set up to
house illegally arrested suspects and put them beyond reach of legal
protection. THe government also sanctioned the rendition of detainees overseas
where they are tortured for intelligence.