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Explain your RLS










Claim and counter #1

Emotions blur our visions and ability to take decisions.

History- Nazis and Germany. Under Hitler’s dictatorship,
Germany was transformed to a totalitarian state. Racism and if I put it
correctly anti-Semitism were the main features of the Nazi Germany. Nazi’s
anti-Semitic behaviour led to such great destruction in the state, millions of people
were executed just because they belonged to a different religion. Think about
it as if you don’t like apples and there are a lot of apples in your
refrigerator taking up space which could have been filled with something that
you like, for example chicken nuggets. So, the first thing that comes to your
mind in filling the entire fridge with those yummy chicken nuggets! But then
you see those apples taking up all the space that was meant to be for your
nuggets! So what do you do? Execute all those apples? Put them into holocaust?

I think you get what I’m trying to. Emotions impact our
decision making! They don’t let us remain rational.


Emotions can build the foundation of Moral Development.

Ethics- the way one perceives a situation changes. Judgements
change. For Example- The movie Rustom- He was reasonably and lawfully not
correct but he took actions for his country. (After this you could give any real
life example you have connecting to the previous point you made, will fetch you
good marks)

Similar RLS

The 14 year old Chilean girl who asked the president to let
her die. This is related to euthanasia, which is the right to die on one’s own
will. The little girl suffering from a rare untreatable cancer, made a video
from the hospital and shared it on youtube, asking the president of chile to
let her keep her peace because this entire process she was going through has
made her think about dying. 

That’s the link for this RLS, go check this out for more help.


Claim and counter #2

Judgement is the ability to make considered decisions and
come to sensible conclusions. It characterises mindfulness. And…

Reasons are the pillars of mind. – Edward Counsel


AOK- Maths- it is based on reasoning and logics.

Give the example of the movie – ‘The man who knew infinity’
– (They required proof for everything, and Dev Patel who playedSrinivasa Ramanujan, knew so much that in
Trinity college, UK. They did not believe how Dr, Ramanujan knew so much and so


On the other hand,there are few instances when an opinion is
a result of emotion. For example: A nation will be an enemy for a family whose
family member was killed in a war with that particular nation. Or you might
hate a person just because your best friends hates him or her, without any

Therefore, ‘Emotions play a major role in building up


Alright, so we learned that emotions and reason can be two
different things when you make a decision. Emotions tend to make you biased, we
can see how Hitler’s dictatorship ended up for Germany! But emotions can also
lead to judgement which one might think are moral and of value for their
country. On the other hand Reason is to logically come to a conclusion but we
also know that emotions intervene in building up our judgments too. So we can
finally say that, emotion and reason do affect our value judgement to some

Thank you.