1.0 is general construction, which involve residential1.0 is general construction, which involve residential


This chapter is given an
introduction for this research topic. In this chapter, we will discuss about the
background of the research, and then followed by the problem statement,
determine the research objectives and research questions and discussion of the
significance of study. Lastly, will be the chapter layout of the research.

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Background of the Study

Malaysia had begun to develop its construction industry since
many years. The Malaysian construction industry (MCI) is can break down into
two areas. The first area is general construction, which involve
residential and non-residential constructions and civil engineering
construction. While the second ones is special trade works, which involved the activities of
metal works, electrical works, plumbing and others.


In Malaysia, the
construction industry had now playing an important role in economic growth for
this country. This industry had contributed to the generation of revenue,
capital and created the opportunity of employment which supported the gross
domestic product (GDP) and the socio-economic development in the Malaysia.
Researches and economist also have stated that this industry is a one of the most
productive sector which contributes to the Gross Domestic Product (GOP) of the


to this research, Malaysian construction industry had an increase the annual
growth rate of 10.7% during the period in year 2011 until to 2015. This growth
was supported by the 10th Malaysia Plan 2011–2015, government had invest
strongly in the sector of infrastructure, industrial parks and residential
buildings. Consequently, total private investment in infrastructure projects
increased from 52.0% of the total infrastructure spending in 2010 to 64.0% in 2014.

Beside that’s, according to the Department of
Statistics Malaysia, the total construction value of civil engineering also had
increased from RM32.7 billion in
2014 to RM36.6
billion in 2015. In the following years, Malaysia construction industry
is expected to continue to expand in real terms, supported by the government’s plan
to improve the country’s transport network and tourism infrastructure, and
increase the volume of renewable projects.