1.3. prospective employer. The concept of idiolect1.3. prospective employer. The concept of idiolect

Language vaiation :

variation may be defined as ? a set of linguistic items with similar
distribution ? ( Hudson , 1980 ) , which means that the term includes all the
distinctive forms forked to social and geographical factors. In this context , Wardaugh (1988 ) 
assumed that :

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Language variation is a specific set of items or human speech patters (
presumably , sounds , words , grammatical feature ) which we can uniquely
associate with some external factors ( presumably , a geographical area and a
social group ? ( 20 )

 So far , this makes all the linguistic aspects
of language concerned with this variation including sound ( phonetics ) and
stucture ( grammar ) as ? variation far from being peripheral and
inconsequential , is a vital part of ordinary linguistic behaviour ? (
R.L.Trask , 2007 )  .

1.3.1. Dialect and Accent :

with the standard definition of dialect which is found in the Oxford English
Dictionary as ? one of the subordinate forms or varities of a language arising
from local perculiarities of vocabulary , pronounciation and idioms ? . In
essence , dialect is a variety of a language spoken by a social community which
is identified by specific grammatical , phonological and lexical aspects that
makes it different from the rest of the varities of this same language .

Haugen (1987) considers
that ? one dialect is another man’s language ? (15) ; accordingly , the
individual creates a minimal dialect which distiguishes him from the members of
his community and even from his close relatives . This is called an idiolect
.In the same idea , Salzmann ( 2003 ) 
explains the contextual situations that leads to the formation of the
idiolect by noting that :

all speakers make use of several idiolects, depending on the circumstances of
communication. For example, when family members talk to each other, their
speech habits typically differ from those any one of them would use in, say, an
interview with a prospective employer. The concept of idiolect refers to a very
specific phenomenon–the speech variety, or linguistic system, used by a
particular individual”.

to the definition of accent given by the Oxford English Dictionary as” a
distinctive way to of pronouncing a language, especially one associated with a
particular country, area, or social class ” i.e ; accent is repesented
in the musicality of one’s speech .

In fact
, accent is  framed by both phonetics and
phonological features .