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1.    Sony MDR-XB90EX Extra Bass Earbuds

Sony is known for its earbuds and Sony MDR-XB90EX is one of the masterpieces of Sony that you can buy at a reasonable cost. The acoustic experience is superb, the bass is powerful and precise. Even at high sounds, the music doesn’t distort, and the bass doesn’t get shady. There are many things to love about these earbuds, but the bass alone takes the prize. Mid-ranges are detailed, the highs are distinct, the lows are stunning, the treble is balanced and if you happen to use a quality amplifier you will experience subwoofers in your ear. These earbuds are worth the price and deliver the same quality as its expensive competitors.

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The product is durable, and the wires are tangle-free and don’t have any weak points. You can wear these earbuds and do your errands without worrying about them. The in-ear design is very comfortable and fits into ear perfectly. They are slightly bulky in their design, but they are lightweight in-ear pieces. Once you find a proper position, wouldn’t need to readjust them many times. The noise isolation feature is very good and if you find the perfect fit for your ears, your acoustic experience is saved from all nuances.


•    Powerful bass and detailed sound

•    Low Cost, High Quality

•    Durable and lightweight


•    Bulky design

•    No built-in microphone, you have to answer your calls with your phone mic

Sony MDR-XB90EX extra bass earbuds come at an exceptionally reasonable price. The powerful and highly detailed bass is something to go for, if you want to enjoy an acoustic experience similar to expensive earbuds, believe me, Sony MDR-XB90EX is a perfect choice. Remember, find the perfect fit for your ears if you want to enjoy the true experience.


2.       Audiophile Elite In-Ear Best Bass Earbuds

For something under $50, Audiophile Elite Ear Buds with dynamic dual drivers and wide frequency range- 5 Hz to 31,000 Hz, are definitely the best choice. You can enjoy a variety of music genres with these earbuds. Vocal or instrumental music, these earbuds can reproduce highly detailed sounds that mesmerize you. If you are an EDM or rock fan, you will love Audiophile Earbuds for their exceptionally precise highs, detailed midrange, and phenomenal lows.

The noise isolation feature is perfect, you can hear music in a commute or Christmas party without hearing any background noise. Audiophile Elite earbuds are obviously the best buds in an affordable range and are perfectly suitable for any music and any location. They are sleek and lightweight and feature solid build quality and are extremely comfortable and don’t cause any ear fatigue.

Here are the most notable pros and cons of Audiophile Elite Earbuds


•    Wide Frequency Range-Suitable for a wide range of music genre

•    Tight and Phenomenal bass

•    Noise Isolation works perfectly

•    Durable and sleek in design

•    Best Deal for low Price


•    The earbuds are slightly heavy

Audiophile Elite Ear Buds are the perfect package for someone who wants near-audiophile experience in a low budget price. You can grab them from Amazon.


3.    Sony MDR-XB50AP Extra Bass Earbuds

These Sony Earbuds produce an incredible acoustic experience with its deep powerful bass and perfect noise isolation feature. It has 1.2 m cord that doesn’t tangle and has a sleek and portable build. These earbuds also have an integrated microphone and a smart playback control system. The sound is exceptional, and the bass is tight and controlled. The highs are distinct, midranges are precise, the sound doesn’t distort at higher volumes. If you are a fan of heavy bass music such as EDM, you are going to love these earbuds because they maintain high bass without shadowing everything else. Vocal performances and Instrumental music sound smooth, you can feel each note, tempo, bass, and rhythm. It creates a listening experience similar to those of the reputable brands at fairly low cost.

If we talk about comfort, Sony Earbuds are one of the earbuds I have ever come across. They are so lightweight and fitting that you forget that you ever wore them. Moreover, you can also find hybrid buds of different sizes in the manufacturer packing to find the perfect fit. They also give you a pouch to store these buds. What I love the most about these Earbuds is their noise isolation feature, if you close your eyes you will never know you are on a commute or party, the buds eliminate all background noises. However, you need to find the correct size to enjoy these buds at best.



•    Low cost, High Quality

•    Sleek and lightweight

•    Powerful Bass and Detailed acoustic experience


•    Long Cord Length

•    Limited Warranty

Sony MDRXb50Aps make a perfect package, enjoy the detailed acoustic experience at low cost. You can buy them on Amazon.



4.    Sennheiser Momentum In-ear Earbuds


If you are looking for something beautiful in style and excellent in sound quality, Sennheiser Momentum is the best bass earbud for you. With an integrated microphone and a 3-button remote, these buds produce powerful bass, orgasmic highs, and smooth mid-ranges. You can always increase the sound, but these earbuds won’t disappoint you, you will experience precise and detailed acoustic experience. The sound quality is top-notch both through the ear-buds and microphone. Enjoy the musical experience and feel the highs and lows of your conversation as if you are listening to yourself.

These buds reproduce lifelike and real sound when it comes to vocal and instrumental music, if you are an EDM or rock music fan you will love the punchy and deep bass which doesn’t empower everything. They are best at mid and low-range music.

Sennheiser Momentum earbuds are highly comfortable, you can wear them for hours and you won’t feel ear fatigue. However, they are slightly bulky and may not be the best choice for people who want to listen to music during jogging and other sports activities.


•    Aesthetic Build and Stylish Look

•    Powerful Bass and Detailed Sound

•    Low Cost


•    Bulky design

•    Not the best choice for wearing during sport activities

If you are one of those cool people who like cool but useful gadgets, this product is built just for you. These earbuds are aesthetically built, and the powerful bass and rich sound adorn it. Enjoy both beauty and sound, at a low price. You can buy these on Amazon.

5.    Shure SE846-CL Best Bass Earbuds

One of the most expensive earbuds, Shure SE48CL produce the most powerful and punchy bass. The acoustic experience is truly incredible and blissful. Featuring adjustable sound system, hi-definition micro-drivers, and holistic earphone design, these earbuds are something that you should wish for.

The sounds feel infinite and are highly detailed. These earbuds can reproduce sounds to an incredible level without missing or exaggerating a single detail. If you turn the volume high, you will be astounded and if you turn the volume low, you will still feel astounded, these earbuds perform incredible at any volume. The vocal and instrumental music enchants and mesmerizes you, if the sound passes through these buds. EDM and rock will seem as if you have never heard them before, you will notice what you never did before. These are one of the flawless and incredible earbuds, I have ever tested.

Moreover, the design and build of these earbuds are durable. The buds fit in your ear with a memory wire and seal the ear canal for sound isolation. You will never notice any outside noise, if you are wearing these earbuds. They are also very comfortable to wear. You can also adjust sound system using the metal nozzles, each serves a specific range of frequencies.


•    Deepest and Powerful Bass

•    Incredibly detailed sound

•    Comfortable to wear


•    One of the most expensive earbuds

These should be on your wish list if you really love music. These earbuds are one of the most powerful and detailed music gadgets, it can reproduce sounds to an amazingly low level. Moreover, they are extremely comfortable and portable. These should be at the top spot, but they are too much expensive.

6.    Audiophile: V-MODA Zn Audiophile Best Bass Earbuds

These earbuds feature an 8mm dynamic driver which is hand-tuned to enhance audible range variance. Precise zinc alloy is used to ensure quality acoustic experience. You might be a fan of a large number of genres, but you will find none that sounds bad on these earbuds. The bass is deep and punchy, the vocals don’t fade, and the soundstage is spacious, and the mids and highs are precise. One thing that you will notice about these buds is that, the treble and bass complements each other.

The Zn Audiophile is very comfortable, if you have a small ear canal these buds will not cause a problem for you. They are lightweight and portable, they don’t stick out of your ears and you can wear them during any activity.  You can control your music or answer phone calls with a 3 button Apple iOS control.

The noise isolation feature is not perfect, and it doesn’t seal your ear canal to completely block outside noises. This shouldn’t be a deal broker, for they produce a rich and deep acoustic experience with punchy bass, smooth treble, and precise highs and lows, at a good price.


•    Deep bass and smooth treble

•    Balanced Sounds

•    Good price to quality ratio


•    Sound Leakage in highly noisy environment


Although the noise isolation feature doesn’t completely eliminate outside noise, it shouldn’t be a deal broker unless you are always found in the highly noisy environment. These earbuds are highly detailed and create a near-audiophile experience.

7.    RHA T20 Dual Coil Best Bass Earbuds

These earbuds are one of the most comfortable, deep bass earbuds that I have ever come across. With their highly portable design and audio performance, these earbuds are one of the best earbuds of 2017. Dual coil technology is used in these buds to produce a high-quality sound, each coil focuses on either lows or mid-lows. Thus, producing a highly detailed and rich sound with pronounced mids, precise highs and powerful bass. You can listen to a variety of genres and these earbuds won’t disappoint you. The buds try to bring out the tiniest details to create an audiophilic experience.

The noise isolation feature is good, and it eliminates most of the background noises. However, these buds aren’t designed to isolate noise. It is very important that you try different ear tips and find the perfect one for your ears to enjoy the best. You will also like the sleek and lightweight design of these earbuds. The wire is tangle-free and long


•    Deep and Powerful Bass

•    Low cost for nearly audiophile experience


•    Long cord might be uncomfortable for some

•    Doesn’t isolate all noises


If you are looking for something powerful and audiophilic, these earbuds are exactly what you are looking for.


8.    PumpAudio V2 (PUMPS)

If you are a bass fanatic, you will love these earbuds. They have been carefully crafted for you to experience a deeply detailed full bass. Whatever the music genre, these earbuds will transform the listening experience and make every song bass heavy. The highs are precise, and the lows are strong. The bass feels so strong that it thumps your heart, to be honest, it’s the best earbuds for a bass head. However, it still has other features such as a microphone and in-line remote. You can easily pause/play/change songs and accept calls with the in-line remote.

They are very comfortable to wear; the original ear tips are also comfortable, but you can enhance the comfort with memory foam tips. You will not experience ear fatigue, even if you wear them for the whole day. These buds are water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about rain or sweat. The manufacturer offers 5-year full replacement warranty if your buds die off. This indicates the level of trust; the manufacturer has in the product.


•    Powerful, Deep and Detailed Bass

•    Highly Durable- Five Year Full Replacement Warranty

•    Low cost, high value


•    Not a good choice for audiophiles or not-bassheads

If you are a bass head, these earbuds are a perfect low-cost gift for your auditory senses.



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