1. and banks had no money because1. and banks had no money because

stock market crashed on October 24, 1929 which lead to the rise of the Great
Depression. During the 1920s- 1940s, Americans faced hardships that they were
unprepared for. Consumer spending dropped which lead to an increase in the unemployment
rate, home and farm foreclosures, and banks were bankrupt. The value of stocks dropped,
and banks had no money because people couldn’t pay back their loans. Americans
became homeless, not being able to pay their mortgages. Social- movement
protests helped to voice concerns and demands from Americans. People demanded
unemployment benefits and acted out, by blocking evictions. On the other hand,
the Great Depression did lead to the creation of the New Deal. President Roosevelt
created a series of programs to help reshape the economy, which included giving
unemployed people jobs. For example, in 1935, the National Youth Administration
was created to provide young people with job training and part time jobs for students.1

D. Roosevelt’s four freedoms- freedom from fear, freedom from want, freedom
from speech, and freedom from worship were given during his annual message to
Congress. These were created to point towards America’s war aims because they
were fighting for freedom and it gave hope to the people. Lyndon B Johnson’s
Great Society was Lyndon’s vision for America. “The Great Society—in which
America ended poverty, promoted equality, improved education, rejuvenated
cities, and protected the environment” (PBS). The New Deal was created to help
Americans during a time of economic disaster. On the contrary, the Great
Society invested in people promoting a time of economic opportunity.2
The New Deal was created during the Great Depression and people protested for
unemployment compensation. Johnson wanted poor Americans to be empowered so they
could compete better. Both philosophies had the goal of achieving social and
economic justice. Both presidents were working towards developing a larger federal
government to provide food, work, and education to those who could not afford

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