1. vision statement is: “We believe in1. vision statement is: “We believe in

1.  Define the Organisation


Ø Nature of
the business

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in 1832 Fernite have built up a world-class notoriety as a maker of machine
blades. Fernite of Sheffield Limited is machine
knife manufacturers and steel stockholders
selling Spring steel strip and specialising in supplying small quantities of
steel to small and medium-sized businesses. Fernite is involved in the food, printing, packaging, plastics and
recycling industries, supplying world leading brands with high-quality products.
 There are four divisions of the company, Print Blade, Fernite machine
knives, BSS Spring Steel Strip and AF Whiteley Granulator


knives are used in production processes which involve any form of cutting


blades are used in the recycling and plastics industries for size reduction, doctor
blades are used in industrial printing machinery.


steel strip is used in a variety of applications including tool making, spring
forming, cutlery making and medical tools.


Ø Vision/Mission/Objectives


of Sheffield Limited believes in building a great UK manufacturing business.
They aim to be the favourite supplier of their customers but also they believe
in manufacturing great products with friendly and reliable service. To do so, they put a lot of effort into customer support so that the customers get the best
service when it comes to reliability and also problem-solving, responding to
the issues the customers experience. Another thing that the company aims for is
building a great place to work for its employees
so that they can enjoy working in the environment that surrounds them. Also, the company invest in new technology and
it aims to continue doing that and even investing in upgrading the existing
technology. Fernite is proud of what they do because they manufacture only quality products that make
them reflect the other companies in the industry.


Fernie’s vision statement is:


believe in building a great UK manufacturing business, recognised as our
customers’ favourite supplier, manufacturing great quality products with a
friendly, reliable service. Fernite will be a great place to work for great
employees, generating a sustainable profit”


Ø Culture and
Management style


of Sheffield Limited is an exporting company that serves markets all over the
world including, Europe, United States of America, Asia, Australia and many
more. They have a problem-solving culture which means that if a customer has a
problem with a blade, they will do their best to solve it – whether that is a
problem with cutting performance, lead time or durability.


is a passionate company that has belief, energy and enthusiasm to be the best
in everything the company does. The company invests not only in technology but
also in its team. Recently Fernite expanded its team with four new roles which
are ‘Group Operations Manager’, ‘Group Technical Manager’, ‘Production
Engineer’ and ‘Marketing Executive’.


it comes to technology Fernite has recently invested in two new machines. One
of them is a packing machine for the warehouse which has made dispatching
products quicker and cheaper.  The other new
machine is XYZ 1020 VMC which is CNC Vertical Machining Center. The vertically
oriented spindles of that machine approach mounted on their table pieces.
Because the machine was solid build it can cut heavy and faster with higher
precision. It is similar to some of the older machines in the factory but it is
a newer upgraded version of them, also it
has a user-friendly interface which makes
the machine easy to use for the operators.


invests in its employees and engages them with the values and objectives of the
company. Team leaders are trained in team management and are given responsibility
and freedom to run their own departments.


Ø Relevant


City of Sheffield’s proud relationship with cutlery making started in the
fifteenth century and this is the time when Sheffield first received its
charter. In the centuries that followed, the impressive reputation of the city
continued to flourish. By the middle 1600s, the city’s notoriety for producing
the finest cutlery in England was great to the point that Chaucer even alludes
to it in ‘The Canterbury Tales’.


enabled Sheffield to become plainly a world pioneer in the steel industry was
its capacity to exploit progressive advances in metallurgy. From the
mid-eighteenth century onwards, these prompted incredible advances in the
cutlery creation forms utilized as a part of the city.


invention of the Bessemer converter and
the Huntsman’s technique were two of the main reasons that caused Sheffield to
turn from a small town into one of the leading industrial cities in Europe.


the creation of the open hearth furnace,
the Bessemer converter was known to be the first cheap industrial way
for the massive production of steel from pig iron. Being blown through the
molten iron by oxidation with air, the impurities were removed from the iron
which is the most important principle.


fired from coke capable of reaching 1,600 degrees Celsius was used by the
Huntsmen’s technique. This furnace had room for twelve pots or so-called clay crucibles and each of that pots were able to hold fifteen kilograms of iron.
Before cooling a crystal structure was produced from the completed melting of
the steel, which after cooling gave increased strength and hardness of the
steel compared to the other steel that has been made at that time.


 Cauldron steel and silver plating made immense
measures of riches here – at any rate for the prosperous steel producers. Then
again, conditions for most working individuals were poor, with congestion,
uncontrolled contamination from processing plants and foundries, and illness.


of Sheffield Limited is one of the oldest producers of machine knives in the
world. It was founded in 1832 under the name Fearnehough and Sons Limited by
Joseph Fearnehough.


the heading of Joseph and his family, the
company advanced through a variety of
changes such as changing its name to ‘Fernite’ which was actually derived from
the surname of its founder. Fernite is a trademark which speaks for the genuine
Sheffield quality in the making of machine knives. The organization moved to
Darnall in 1969 which is its present site and in 1996 the Fearnehough and Sons
Ltd. organization changed its name to the brand Fernite. The ‘Made in
Sheffield’ marque is respected throughout the UK and across the world for
excellence in manufacturing, and Fernite of Sheffield Limited carries that
marque because each Fernite item is made in Sheffield. Fernite has a fine
legacy, impeccable notoriety and developing relationships with clients around
the world, which gladly keeps on being thrived and maintained by the



Ø Structure


is a private limited company, owned by the Managing Director.

company has 37 employees.


structure of the company Fernite of Sheffield Limited is based on teams. The
teams are as follow:


Team Dispatch

Team Production

Team Sales

Technical Team

Operations Team

Management Team


Each team is headed up by a team
leader, who is responsible for running their section of the business. Team
leaders have been trained in people management
and organising their departments to run efficiently.



Overall my opinion is that the
company has clear vision and objectives about that what they want to achieve.
This combined with their history and the way they value and appreciate their
customers will help them grow in future.