1. were to take it and rewrite1. were to take it and rewrite

1.      Looking
at this story if you were to take it and rewrite it then it would lose
information. What I mean by this is that if you try and turn it into a
different story then you lose the feeling from the original. We are given these
different choices to write between romance, detective and a horror story. If we
were to change the genre, then it certainly would begin to change the direction
of the story. It would not have the original focus on what happened with Emily’s
father and also Homer. If we do not keep it as the entire story, then it is
possible that we will lose the audience and no longer have a shock factor at
the end. In my personal opinion if I were to rewrite this I would focus it more
in a detective sense which could steer away the feelings. This would give the reader
a chance to experience the mystery and still be able to have a shockable
feature at the end. I do believe that the original version does show elements
of formula fiction. It expresses a semi-horror factor by the use of gothic


2.      The
final paragraph begins to tie together all the loose ends that the narrator portrayed
throughout the story. It now shows that there is a shocking but an even more suspenseful
ending to what has built up over time. This has now made it more clear to us
that Emily was very lonely and even stubborn. It also makes it possible to
believe that she might also have inherited some of the family’s insanity. It is
important to have this revealed at the end due to the suspense it provides. If
this was placed at the beginning of the story, then there would be a complete
loss of interest from the reader because it takes away the mystery.

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3.      I
enjoyed how the story was originally written, I believe if it was put in chronological
order then it would have just been a boring story. I think by doing it in
different sections provided a nice way to grab the reader’s attention. It starts
off at Miss Emily’s funeral and then continues to going back years, describing
the house she lived in about two years after her father had died. The next
section introduces Homer Barron who enters town, him and Emily become close.
Later in the section is mentions her buying rat poisoning. Emily is then seen
purchasing men’s clothing along with other things that a man would use. Around
the same time that no one saw Mr. Barron again, about 40 years later Emily passes
due to illness. It ends with them finding a corpse in bed where Emily has slept
and it was found to be Mr. Barron. The way this was taken into account with the
suspense makes it interesting. I personally wanted to keep reading, it makes it
so your mind makes up scenarios of what is next. Not knowing what the poison is
being used for or what happened to her “lover”. It creates a great cliff hanger
and draws in the attention needed to explain the mystery at the end.


4.      For
this story Faulkner used many different elements that symbolized a gothic theme
within the plot. The elements that he focused on were the decrepit house, the
corpse, and also the horrors that are yet to be known. When I think of gothic
literature the most common themes that I think of is loneliness, isolation and
also mystery. Looking at these themes and the elements provided they make the
plot. Without these then the story would not make sense, the plot would not
have the suspense needed for the story without these things. They describe Miss
Emily’s home as being dark and creepy with a foul smell as well. These elements
provide clues as to what is to come next or leaves you questioning it also.
These elements also help establish the atmosphere as it is seen as a dark one
in my eyes. With the narrator creating this atmosphere with the gothic elements
it pushing the climax and makes the plot real. This who story is just filled
with suspense and darkness.


5.      When
it comes to telling this story I feel like it can be taken in many ways. People
can see the rose being a symbol for different things than what it was supposed
to mean. For example, when I first read it the first thing I thought about was
it makes sense to have it as a rose because it opens with a funeral and that it
common. It may also be seen as a romance detail also as it talks about Emily
and Homer. Each of these can work in this sense because they both mimic
dedication in my eyes and in Emily’s own twisted way she was dedicated to what
she believed in. I personally believe that the use of “we” was because the
narrator was speaking out for the entire town. It was not just one-person opinion
it was everyone’s ideas at the same time.


6.      When
it comes to the murder of Homer it is known that Emily settle it as if she
would have done everything else. When it came to any other conflict that she
was brought to it seemed like she either denied what was happen or she could
not let go of the situation. To me personally it seems like she could not own
up to her mistakes or she ignored everything. When it came to Homer she wanted
him forever but it stated in the story that he was not the type that wanted to
be committed. When she purchased the rat poison it was believed to be for
herself yet it was actually for Homer. She could not let go of him so she
controlled his life and made it so her could never leave her.


7.      At
the beginning of the story Faulkner mentions the union and the confederates in
Jefferson. When he talks about this is begins to set the setting or even a feel
for what the story could interrupt. Faulkner treats this story as if the town
is the South and anyone that is coming in is an outsider. Which makes sense
because that would be the North side. This contributes to the meaning of the
story because it shows how valuable Emily was to this town. The narrator
symbolizes her as a fallen monument, just like the soldiers had fallen.