Strong statements arise
on both sides of the argument when it comes to impacts of smartphones on our
life. In a mere decade smartphone has now become an essential part of our life
and we cannot simple deny it. Although smartphone has made communication easier,
it also effects our life in un-predicted ways.

Cell phones were meant to
be used for communication purposes. From the time phones were first made,
phones were seen as source of communication. But on 29 June 2007, apple released
their first iPhone, which was specifically the first real smartphone by all
means. The introduction of smartphone changed the way people saw cell phones
and impact of phones on people lives became significant.

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 It is a fact that smart phones are affecting people’s
lives and encouraging antisocial behavior. Instead of connecting us,
smartphones are making us more isolated. There was a time when while eating
together, families talked to each other. This help in strengthen understanding
between them but after the invasion of smart phones on families instead of
having a nice chat, everyone in busy tweeting and posting images of their food
on Instagram. Research shows that extensive use of smartphone is triggering anti-social
behavior. On this issue, David Engber, columnist at said that it is
natural for parents to worry that smartphones are destroying kid’s social

As it is said that excess
of anything is bad. Smartphone addiction in teenagers in growing day by day.
According to a survey, it has been found that college student spends an average
of 10 hours on cellphones, surfing internet and sending messages. Another study
conducted in 2011 called ‘The world Unplugged’ surveyed universities in 10 countries.
Students were asked to avoid smartphones, laptops and internet for 24 hours. In
the withdrawal period, majority of students suffered mental distress, panic and
confusion, failing to go full day without phones. After the survey just 21% of
all the students said that they could feel the benefits.