2.0 GE for short was founded by2.0 GE for short was founded by

2.0 PESTEL 2.1Political over the years, GE has grown substantially, covering our world market in every expects from Aviation like an engines in a fighter jet to household goods to wind energy to oil and gas, their indeed looking at every angle in hope to lead to a better future and ways to improve its industries, however the government has begun to show some support for the digitization of the industries this however has open new doors for this  multinational corporation to further expands its business to the next level. when it comes to political factors, externally it has shown a sharp spike in the demand for the digital technologies, for that being said it is indeed a great news for general electric as GE already is in the tech industry (“GE.com Singapore”, 2018). GEs is continuing to aim to achieve its goal to become one of the largest technological industries (Thompson, 2017).    2.2Economic General Eletric or GE for short was founded by Thomas Edison in 1889. 25 years prior, GEs has however got caught up with this situation. Its market valuation, once finished $400 billion, is currently nearer to $150 billion. Its offer cost has fallen by around two-fifths this year alone. The firm as of late supplanted Jeffrey Immelt, its long-serving administrator and CEO, with John Flannery (imagined), another organization veteran. What turned out badly at one of America’s best-known and most established organizations? (“Why General Electric is struggling”, 2017) GEs has been looking for ways to promote the policies, in return of hoping it will have a positive impact on the growth in the long-term (“Strengthening Global Economies – GE Sustainability”, 2018).  2.3Social they have a core believes that business is social, what this mean is that social technology is going to change the way GEs do their business, it’s not just a consumer application it’s a business application. After further research it turns out that the popularity of staying green is being circulated globally and it has catch the eyes of the government and to the world. GE quickly notice thus a great opportunities and GEs are already on a good position to begin with, for example the wind energy this recyclable energy is beneficial due to the growing demands wind energy assets is one of general electric best money maker at 18 percent of the 3 year revenue by segment(Pylypczak-Wasylyszyn, Sharma & Sharma, 2015). this however poses a threat to the oil and gas department. the constant growing popularity of the mobile technologies has open doors for general electric to new heights, this new height will bring in technological innovation. GEs has a rather well followed social media account (Instagram) with approximately 322.000 followers. this will reach out to the to the world as an advertisement, the goal to get our sales team a hundred percent digitized and that social technology is Salesforce this is a nice tool as it aggregates communities in this case, a community of service reps that way the sales team can get data and feedback from the customers and work together to solve the challenges that may arise. 2.4Technological