To avoid any kind of Stress or anxiety during
the experiment, Participants were briefed about the experiment. They were told
to read their consent form carefully and then to sign it. Participants were
given freedom to withdraw their consent and leave the experiment anytime, if
they are not comfortable. There was no deception in this experiment.

Participants were shown the list of words (trigram) on the screen.

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Participants were told to write the words which they can easily recall on the
first page of paper.

Participants were already instructed that till the time they don’t
see the red light they have to count backwards in threes and fours from a
specified random number (This trick is also known as brown Peterson technique).1

After the interval of
3 seconds, participants were asked to recall the trigrams on the second page.

At the end of 3
seconds, they were asked to repeat the whole procedure for 5,6,9,12,15, and 18
seconds respectively.