27/01/2024 Total Capacity 40400Unit PR- ,5,909,999 Advertising27/01/2024 Total Capacity 40400Unit PR- ,5,909,999 Advertising


Date of making decision :

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– 95%

– 92%

– 7000

– 42000

– 38000


Capacity 40,400 Unit


– 6,320,000

– 600,000

– 800,000

– 13.00

Topic of Discussion:

Members:   Hassan
Zafar,Aman preet singh,faisal Asif butt,Gurdain Singh, govind sharma

Location: Granville

Date and Time: 27/01/2024 11:00

Meeting called: Hassan  zafar

Meeting Time  Year 8 ,2024:








Date of making decision :


– 96%

– 94%

– 7500

– 40000

– 36000


Capacity 40400Unit


– 6,320,000

– 1,150,000

– 800,000

– 10.19

for the future

of your budgets plans

to current financial budgets

Topic of Discussion:

Members:   Hassan
Zafar,Aman preet singh,faisal Asif butt,Gurdain Singh, govind sharma

Location: Granville

Date and Time: 20/01/2023 10:00

Meeting called: Faisal Asif butt

Meeting Time  Year 7 ,2023:









Date of making decision :



– 95%

– 95%

– 8000

– 35,000

– 35,000


Capacity 40,400 Unit


– 6,320,000

– 1,150,000

– 800,000

– 8.27

Save for the impending

Cumulative of your budgets tactics

Appliance to current financial

Topic of Discussion:


Members:   Hassan
Zafar,Aman preet singh,faisal Asif butt,Gurdain Singh, govind sharma

Location: Granville

Date and Time: 13/01/2022 15:00

Meeting called: Gurdain singh

Meeting Time  Year 6 ,2022:





Date of making decision :



Quality index:

Efficiency: 95%

Total Capacity

Advertisement 1,150,000
Brand awareness 
Advertisement $6,320,000
PR 5,619,000


Topic of Discussion:




Members:   Hassan
Zafar,Aman preet singh,faisal Asif butt,Gurdain Singh, govind sharma

Location: parramatta

Date and Time: 05/01/2021 13:00

Meeting called: Govindsharma

Meeting Time  Year 5 ,2021:




Date of making decision :

Max production Quality 90% 

Max production Efficiency 91% 

Total Capacity Unit 34,200

Quality expenditure $4,250,000 

Efficiency expenditure $ 2,`100,000 

Thus budget for branding need budget for branding concerned .coming year
we need to launch new product which estimate high budget

In this year we able to fix the capacity of industrialized. As the beginning
on business we set to improve the numbers 
below for dynamic and its efficiency. we made a decision for budget
1,150,000that will be as active movement and increased trade mark awareness is
56%in the market. on the other hand profit of the company rapidly grow up word
as well

 Topic of Discussion: Capacity

Members:   Hassan
Zafar,Aman preet singh,faisal Asif butt,Gurdain Singh, govind sharma

Location: Homebush

Date and Time: 31/12/2020 11:00

Meeting called: Hassan zafar

Meeting Time  Year 4 ,2020:







Date of making decision :


Sales units 30,894,. 

Production Awareness 53 %  

Pr Expenditure $1,100,000

Expenditure   $ 3,970,000 ,



Team of designing has publicized the achievement of three bikes with
better-quality. Mountain bike and each design of Road and youth bike sections
to capitalize in the operation of any of new design of bikes were offered.
which also increased controller of the equity choices of your firm and able to
issue new sharesand pay dividends to finance investment  and manage cash  movement. More over we have absolute budget
for trademark advertising 1,150,00 as our major promotion and it upsurges
Brand  cognizance swiftly in the market
on the other hand our profit condition is average , consequently economical for
trademark need concerned. coming year we need to unveiling new product which evaluation
big budget

Topic of Discussion:



Members:   Hassan
Zafar,Aman preet singh,faisal Asif butt,Gurdain Singh, govind sharma

Location: Homebush

Date and Time: 19/12/2019 11:00

Meeting called: Hassan zafar

                     Launch of new

Meeting Time  Year 3 ,2019:






of making decision :


units 30,518

Production Awareness 49 % 

Pr Expenditure $1,100,000

Advertisings Expenditure   $


Sports stores max 25% and Discount store 25%.

mark consciousness can make a special effect on customers for making their
choice on  purchase of product. We accounted
1,150,000 for Trade mark. Now we
will confer the funds to the program, but we wonder whether we’d be better
structure an another supply method — one that could help we produce more
aggressively than we are growing now. We gave retail margin to Bike shop max
25% ,



Our element is attractive and great value
in features . we elected to capitalize more capitals on the Advertisement and
PR to shape brand name  as much as we
can. That demonstrate that aour successful plan to marking mountain bicycle
with a average price is our gaol

Topic of Discussion:


Members:   Hassan
Zafar,Aman preet singh,faisal Asif butt,Gurdain Singh, govind sharma

Location: Homebush

Date and Time: 14/12/2018 11:30

Meeting called: Amanpreet singh

Meeting Time  Year 2 ,2018





Date of making decision :

We have spent on Advertising 3,800,000more over we spent on PR around
1,100,000 by spending that much money we get 36% Production Awareness and we
sold 25,940units Action are taken by Hassan zafar 


Budget anf Finance Allowance

Product command for subdivision

Actual research on Market

 : Budget,
advertisement and PR

 Price of product 


Price permits
us to proposal the same product, but add features or remove the speciation that
clients are willing to pay.Result the cost of element that are not important to

and  development is approach to create a
changed version it may invite higher product budding or making costs. So it is  very essential to spent money on this portion
where our company can make high profit.  

Topic of Discussion:

Members: Aman Preet Singh, Faisal Asif butt, Hassan  Zafar,Gurdain Singh,Govind Sharma

: Granville

Date and Time : 03/12/2017 11:30

called : Hassan Zafar

Meeting time  Year 1-2017                                                                    











Go Pro is the #1 execution
bicycle mark on the planet. Our Research and development division packs more
building strength than some other bicycle organization, and they’re focused on
making each one of our street bicycles, from hand-fabricated carbon race machines
to refined aluminum models, the most perfect in its class. You’ll feel the
distinction, from the primary ride the distance to the platform.


These light, quick bicycles have what it takes to keep
you out front.

Power. Passion. Performance.





Pro is well known brand in top cycle manufacturing and retailer the world
leading company that use latest technology and that gives us the advantage to
be advance in the market. different types of opportunity lead its own class and
different models have different specification and features, details that make
our ride better than anyone else.



Conquer any trail, from tame to
treacherous, on the world’s finest off-road bikes.




 who love
and care about bikes and cyclist.

Go Pro Crafted Designed and sold to people

allow you adjust the pedal position

Aluminium frame with adjustable crank length






Speed Bike present a 15.” Top tube with 16.5″ wheels for the youngest
blade out there. The frame contains Hi-Ten steel that gives extra of strength
while a back- paddle brake and rear calliper brake allow children to easily
apply to hand brakes, pedalling around is made easy as well with 25×10 gearing.








The youth bikes


Advertising for Magazine


Road bike

Advertising for Magazine


Mountain bike



Advertising for Magazine







Name :Hassan Zafar 11401508

Name:Amanpreet Singh Punia 11401343

Name:Faisal Asif Butt 11500582

Name:Gurdain Singh Lalli 11500318

Name: Govind Sharma 11500349

Introduction | GO PRO | bicycle |




GO PRO bikes are the great symbol of own style
nation-wide, created with great appetite. We begin as a company of taking
maximum effort to reach our mission. Which is to accomplish the finest
importance in the bike industry.


the choices we make for our bikes have an actual
and long-term influence on the environment. As being an outdoor company, we are
directly connected to the exploration and joyfulness of the nature which leads
to conserving the natural resources and to be economical in every way.






GO PRO will be the best leading company in
Australia to provide customer satisfaction and social responsibility. Adding to
it we will encourage personal benefits for riding a bicycle. We desire to
motivate people to adapt a cycling lifestyle. Rather than people to use their
motor transport for daily life uses, this will help us prevent the natural environment.





Our Mission





GO PRO focuses on producing only one product at
the moment planned for consumers. Later on, we are going to introduce more
products according to the different age group. There are lot of different
choices that can be made like the tyre size and what mechanisms to use and make
changes. Taking the reviews of the customers and allowing those changes to the
product which will end up to the best bikes for the customer’s specific
purpose, and this will maximize the use of our company products



Our Product



GO PRO is presenting a best end product with the
most affordable prices. Our main purpose is to provide the safety first. Bikes
would have a carbon fibre crash replacement program which will make it easy to
maintain the bikes. The prices will be affordable for customer to replace the
damages parts. Furthermore, carbon is component used in the bicycle industry.


Our Design


We produce with style & safety

The bike outlines are composed by
(Amanpreet Singh Punia) and worked to his particulars by outline developers in
INDIA. These range from constrained generation to full custom models, however
all are most elevated gauges. Over the twenty years we’ve been doing business
we’ve composed everything from conventional steel hustling bicycles to don
visiting, couples, and all out professional bicycles with racks, bumpers and








Company Structure




company has been formed in May 2008 under Mikes Bikes Ltd. GO PRO company is
based on Australia’s bicycle and cycling product builder and supplier under make names of GO PRO.


GO PRO presents themselves across
the world in more than 30 countries like United States of America, Canada,
Asian countries and many more.





             Market Strategy

 Go Pro is advertising Gold class Value in type
of mountain bikes segment which e evaluate the balance in price tag 08% High as
compare to the preference price retail price more over youth bike (Joy Ride) Go
PRO have advantages in Quality and market share of a 23.6%. For keep yourself
up to date in the market we focused for the name of the company cost of the
product will be high least 9% as compare to market.






help to build up 35% of the company revenue with high level of importance in
relation to retailers. This graph demonstrates stocking our product ,12% to the
retailers, 7%Television, 8% Magazine and 4% will be seen advertisement on





















              Budget Allocation Per-Product


portion will have determined by achievements on each product segment. whereas
the prediction by the end of the year the mountain bike (ADV3) and road bike
(Speedy X) will be cash generating of GO Pro. Because of high profit surplus.
While the youth (Joy Ride) has high possibility to be a source of steady
income. Budget allocation is to predicted to a change by 6-10 year with high
emphasis on JOY Ride because of forecasted profit potential.    









                   USE LONG TERM BUDGETS


Focal point on future and
circumvent getting entangle in day-by-day performance.  budget will be limited, more likely once a
quarter or yearly, but long-term vision is essential. A budget planning gives
us a idea to finances for next 10 years ahead. Bracing cost-consciousness and
motivations keep managers focused on high profit for the long-term budget. It’s
also climacteric situation to add employee rewards and allow funds for upgrade
in the budget for equipment.