3.1 password and email match he will3.1 password and email match he will

3.1 Non-functional requirement

These are requirement that are not functional in nature.
These are the constraints the system must work within.

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3.1.1 Availability

 The app is available during 24 hours of the
day. Every time you will use our application and search technician and also
register technician.


3.1.2 Portability

 User can login to the system at any time. Because our
application is working 24/7.

3.1.3 Reliability

The android app can be used
by multiple users concurrently. Any user can access the technician with using
low performance Wi-Fi.


 3.1.4 Robustness

The app will not be damaged
easily and will not whole effect by a single application failure


3.1.2 Hardware requirement


– Mobile or hand devices

– Computer system


3.2.2 Software requirement


– Android studio version 3.0.1

– Window 7,8.1 or 10

– Firebase

3.2 Functional Requirement

In order to make this application functional, we
require the following

3.2.1 Download app on mobile

A user should require downloading the application on
your mobile from Google play store. While downloading this app it has not cost
it is free to download this app from play store.

3.2.2 User Registration

When user download app from Google app. then he need to
register yourself in this app registration consist of user name, email,
password and phone number.



Fig 3.1 User Registration


3.2.3 User login

When user completes his registration then he will require
to login to this app if user password and email match he will be successfully
login to this app. In case of any error in email or password for example if his
email or password is not match so application will give the error. He needs to
remember his ID password and email address.


Fig 3.2 User login

3.2.4 Search technician

When user successfully login he will require to search the
require technician when he search he will receive all technician of Attock city
on Google map. When he clicks on the technician he will receive all information
about technician for example phone number and name or also show which type of
technician they are.


3.2.5 GPS

GPS stand for Google play services which is also used in our
android application for showing current location if you GPS is not on then our application
will show a notification “turn on your GPS” after clicking on this your GPS
will automatically on. GPS is mandatory part of our android application.