3. If you have a good customer3. If you have a good customer

3. Offer Packages

You can differ the services provided to a unique experience by
offering packages. You can promote exclusive seasonal packages, announce hot deals from airlines, try to offer a discounted price by selling hotel and
activities together. This idea can be interesting for you and for your
customers. It is a trend to sell travel packages online. All the leading
Online Travel Agencies like Orbitz, Booking.com choose
this technique to increase their sales. Customers prefer to go for a holiday
with tour packages because all things are well planned in advance by a
professional travel agent and they can feel relaxed and enjoy their outing as
well. If you have a good customer service along with
attractive and best deal packages then definitely they
would come back again for the next trip. This is a way you can increase sales
for your online travel business.

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4. Offer Added Value

The easiest way to boost your sales per customer
is to offer added value to
their experience as they agree to pay the price for your tours. Your customer
would be a happy customer if you offer them something more than the offer. For example, you can offer free lunch or dinner option
with your tour package. You can also offer a free sight-seeing for a day. If
it’s a couple who booked your tour then you could offer a glass of wine and
tapas prior to the viewing to make the experience more romantic.

 5. Upload Videos

According to Forrester research sixty percent of all traffic
online comes from video. People who like travelling, love to document their journey in form of photographs or videos and share
them as well. You can always ask your customers to share these experiences with
you. All their experience can be a showcase on your website and also on social
channels. For example, customers want to see
exactly what they are getting when they book a room online. Highlight the
hotel’s exterior, public spaces, dining facilities, meeting rooms, guest
rooms and bathrooms when shooting videos and developing virtual
tours.  People planning for their trips can get a clear idea of how
the experience would be by watching to those videos and make a choice