rejected can cause the person to become a pessimist. They would feel sadness,
jealousy, guilt, and social anxiety. Their self-confidence will be affected and
there are instances that they will build up walls to hide what they truly feel,
or wear a mask to protect themselves. Sometimes, it’s worst than this. A person
would feel like they’re not needed and useless. That they should just
disappear… and that’s where suicide comes into mind, whispering into their
ears, a sweet escape in this horrible life.


person should avoid ostracism and ruling out others. They had to be familiar to
hints implying that their positive standing in others might be in jeopardy because
rejection has a fatal and serious effect in the environment. Not including
others and judging them from their personal appearance is not morally good even
though people developed mechanisms that would let them cope up with rejection.

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In order to deal with those negative emotions, people need to stop bottling it
all up because it will just make them do irrational things. They should seek
out the help of someone or write in a journal if they don’t want to say their
inner thoughts. Don’t focus on the damaging aspects but learn how to be
stronger in order to conquer the challenge.