The topic I have decided to write about is the consumption of drugs with
youths in modern world society. In the past coming years Ireland has seen a significant
rise in the consumption of illegal drugs with teens and youth under the age of
18.  With studys averaging out an estimate
of a 12% rise since 2002 with the youth. This is becoming a large issue
especially in society due to the homless crisis spiking to an all time high. The
government is worried that if the youth are starting to become more common with
illegal drugs that it will just continue to increase the numbers of
homelessness. The issue is with the following being the main ones. Cannabis (Herbal and resin),Heroin
(Diamorphine), Cocaine, Ecstasy, Amphetamines. With cannabi being the dominant “Drug”
being used. With all reports and tests done and seeing that it is no harm but
many benafitial factors, A BILL SEEKING to legalise the prescription of
medicinal cannabis as medication in Ireland has progressed to the next stage of
debate in the Dáil.

·       The bigger problem with these drugs
is that they can cause addiction when started at an earlier age, this can lead
to more problems in the further run. This issue is also seen to be an
increasing problem in the lower income bracket of people. 

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