In video renting service, Netflix
divides the services into three plans. Starter, Standard, Premier. Inside their
plans, the customer can choose disc format that will be sent. Starting at the
price of $5 for DVD price and $6 for Blu-ray price. The first plan, starter, the lowest plan that Netflix
offers, will allow their user to
borrow two movie discs per month and limit the number of discs out at once only
one. The second plan, standard, enable
their user to borrow unlimited movie discs in one month. It means the customer
can rent as much as the customer in one month. But still, Netflix will limit
only one disc out at once. And the last plan, Premier, this plan customer will get the most feature of Netflix
Video renting service. Customer will be allowed to get the unlimited number of
discs to rent and also Netflix upgrade the number discs out from one to two
discs out at once. It makes the customer more comfortably on enjoying their
rental servicea1 .

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