Digital online video streaming has turn into the primary way for
individuals on enjoying video entertainment today. Many digital online video
streaming platforms that available to use and access by the customers. With the
high number of their users, Netflix and YouTube have become the top platforms
for people who are seeking for entertainment in the digital video today.

However, at first Netflix and YouTube are a company that has a different type
of business. Soon as both companies developing and growing, both of the
companies are expanding their business and have the same different type of
business which is video streaming based on subscription service. Both Netflix and
YouTube business model is a new business model which also can be said as the
business model innovation. With their business model innovation both Netflix and
YouTube has creating an innovative value proposition to their market. Until now,
many studies been investigating business model innovation in the big company
such apple, dell, and amazon. In this research paper, business model innovation
will be used to examine the competitiveness inside digital video streaming industry.

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The result of this research shows a significant result on how a business model
innovation from one company compete with another company with a different
business model inside digital video streaming business.