My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive;
and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style.
This has been the guiding principle in my life.

I have graduated from one of the prestigious college KLS
Gogte Institute of Technology and hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical
Engineering. My epitome of strength has been my education and ability to work
hard. My sole aim was to excel in my chosen field of study building a well
round profile, and I have lived up to my expectations and produced results
consistently. I have been interested in Mathematics, Physics, Machines and
Automobiles right from my school days, and hence the natural inclination
towards Mechanical Engineering as a field of study. I have tried to gain in
depth understanding in real time applications of theories by involving myself
in as many industrial training programs and internship programs as much as

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During my undergraduate program I was involved in a project
where I collaborated with a team of 25 members to design, fabricate and
validate a Formula-style, single seated racing car. The team had to work
tirelessly to build the vehicle and I was involved in designing the brake
system of the car. The primary objective was to achieve minimum stopping
distance using two independent hydraulic circuits actuated by independent
master cylinders and floating calipers to produce sufficient braking torque. My
other responsibilities where to identify potential sponsors to raise funds for
the project. Submitted RFQ’s to potential suppliers, eliciting quotation for
car components. I delivered the project by negotiating with vendors, scoping,
Resource allocation and cross functional team coordination.

Although we achieved 36th rank in SAE SUPRA
INDIA, It was still a massive success has the team had made its maiden
expedition. This project enhanced my practical engineering knowledge with
invaluable interpersonal skills providing a strong foundation for the
mechanical engineering field.

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