Who does not know Boyzone? 

The Irish boyband who rose as British Pop Music in the 90s announced that they will be reuniting next year’s tour while celebrating the 25th anniversary of Boyzone.

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Reported by The Sun, Boyzone which was formed in 1993 consists of five men from X Factor Star Louis. Had experienced a split in 2000, they were again seen together in the 2009 tour.

During disunity and not together, members have their own busy work and family building. Ronan Keating sits on an album and becomes an actor, as you finds out that Ronan joined the boyband at the age of 16. Keith Duffy became a television presenter, radio and actor. Shane Lynch became the jury of The All Ireland Talent Show version of Britain Got Talent and took part in the ITV2 Celebrity Love Island event .

Stephen Gately was the first member to try to pursue a solo career. Stephen also had time to follow the ice-skating talent show in 2007. However, Stephen closing age in 2009 due to heart attack at the age of 33 years. Before his death, Stephen was writing a fantasy novel entitled The Tree of Seasons followed by his co-writer.

While Mikey Graham, more often seen in Irish media than the British media. He appeared in Ireland Celebrity Apprentice in 2013 to the Irish final of the Eurovision Song Contest act show in 2010.;

Some of the boyzone songs Everyday I Love You (1999), Baby Can I Hold You (1997) and All That I Need (1998) had become Hits among youngsters and international charts. Agan and Sista love which song? ;

Boyzone looks together in the tour in 2013 which is at the same time celebrating the 20th anniversary. At that time they also released a new album. In 2018 they are rumored to be celebrating birthdays again with the release of their new album. This has been confirmed by Ronan. ;

“Twenty five years! This is a very long time and very much is happening! “Said Ronan Keating quoted from The Sun.;

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