“Let it Be,”
a song about withstanding times of great struggle, is what the Beatles wrote to
relate to fellow “broken-hearted people” who are on the brink of total
capitulation under seemingly insurmountable burdens. Instead of falling from
grace, the Beatles urge their fans to simply “let it be.” The repetition of the
phrase solidifies the fact that when a phrase or rumor is stated enough times,
it becomes true, and as in this case, although it seems far from possible to
let it be and continue one’s days believing that better ones are yet to come,
it does become a reality. This is further strengthened by the feeling evoked in
the song. In it, there lies an air of melancholy, but juxtaposed against it are
the profound lyrics inspiring resilience. The lyrics themselves allude to
maintaining faith, as through faith, the broken-hearted may stay strong; during
their darkest hour, “Mother Mary came to me,” is what the Beatles sing. Through
faith and through encouragement, it is believed that better days are coming, as
the bad times will not last forever. And to top it off, this song undeniably
engaging due to its beautiful melody.