8 any of the two: almond flour8 any of the two: almond flour

8 Essential Pantry Ingredients for a Paleo Diet


In the past years, a Paleo diet is considered as the healthiest way a person can eat. The reason for this is because it is the ONLY approach that amazingly works with your genetics to help you stay strong, lean and energetic all day long.

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Biology, Biochemistry, Dermatology, Ophthalmology and other disciplines have indicated in their researches that our current modern diet is full of trans fats, refined foods, and sugar. These ingredients have been known to contribute to a lot of degenerative diseases like obesity, cancer, heart disease, depression, Parkinson’s, diabetes, infertility and even Alzheimer’s.


With a Healthy Paleo Diet, not only are you eating healthy, but you are also saving yourself from a lot of diseases. We have outlined here eight essential pantry items that will help you create delicious Paleo meals with all its wide range of flavors.


1. Almond and Coconut Flour


You can choose any of the two: almond flour or coconut flour, whichever you prefer. You may think that flour is only for baking, so you don’t need flour because you don’t bake. Wrong. Some kind of flour is vital for helping thicken sauces and for making breading for a crispy fried chicken.


These flours work great when making a pumpkin banana-bread.


2. Gelatin


For a velvety-smooth sauce, a bit of gelatin goes a long way. A homemade pudding or Jell-O with a variety of flavors is great with a lot of gelatin. What makes this ingredient great is that it is not only gut-healing; it is also good for your joints.


Almost any recipe works great with gelatin. Gelatins have a wide variety of uses that range from smoothies to snacks to bread.


3. Nutritional Yeast


If you’re like me who miss cheese in quiches and frittatas, then you need nutritional yeast in your life! It may not replace a big block of cheddar, but it works for recipes.


Try nutritional yeast in a paleo cheese sauce or just add one or two tablespoon to your omelet.


4. Fish Sauce


What makes most Asian food so delicious? The secret to that is fish sauce. It gives food that tangy and fermented taste. A mere sprinkle can create wonders for your salad dressings, stir-fries, and soups.


The fish sauce works great with Momofuku’s roasted Brussel sprouts.


5. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder


Yes. It will taste like chocolate but without the sugar. Reap all the benefits of chocolate with cocoa powder. It is great for those homemade treats, and it is surprisingly scrumptious in savory sauces.


6. Dried Seaweed


Not only does it provide a lot of important minerals, but dried seaweed is an easy and quick way to add flavor and body to any broth, soup, and stew. For your very own Paleo sushi, dried seaweed works great too!


7. Dried Mushrooms


High in amino acid glutamine, mushrooms give a hearty and meaty flavor. With dried mushrooms, the flavor gets more concentrated thus creating little bombs of flavor that are perfect for adding oomph to your stews, stir-fries, and soups.


8. Coconut Aminos


As a substitute for soy sauce, Coconut aminos are great with its smoky and salty soy-sauce flavor. Just hold the wheat and the soy.