With a population of 14.1 million,
Ontario makes up almost 40% of the population of Canada. The Ministry of
Government and Consumer Services is responsible for ServiceOntario. The
ministry has many duties since it conveys vital programs, services, and
products that range from provincial needs like health cards and driver’s
license to consumer protection and public safety. They provide procurement,
finance, pay and benefits, and human resources. In addition, the ministry leads
consumer protection, public safety, and business law to promote a fair and
informed marketplace. Furthermore, they help businesses and individuals access
government services and information. They have three sources in order for
businesses and individuals to get what is needed. These sources are Consumer
Protection Ontario, Archives of Ontario, and ServiceOntario. Throughout the
entire ministry, there are over 4,000 employees including those connected to
ServiceOntario. Within the province, there are over 250 ServiceOntario
locations. While the population of Ontario is increasing exponentially, the
number of branches is not. That being said, it will be a lot more difficult for
Ontario residents to complete their necessary government tasks.