“Now Yoga.” (Pg.1)

It is the power of
now. This present moment. Why did I turn to Yoga? And what can Yoga do for me? After many years of feeling lost and gaining skills within
different fields of practices that didn’t quite fulfil my true authentic self.

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Somehow, I was lead in to the path of yoga and now I am finally ready to begin
that journey. The constant dedication and practice of yoga will eventually lead
me directly to the truest form of the self through deep self-enquiry using
the sutras to learn, chant and practice and guide me to a deep sense of inner
contemplation and understanding, which I feel was Pantajali’s purpose for writing
these sutras. The sutras are divided into four chapters, or padas: samadhi,
sadhana, vibhuti, and kaivalya.

Pada, (Concentration). This chapter introduces the definition of yoga and the nature
that appears when fluctuations within the mind are undisturbed through ‘concentration.’
Pantajali expresses that the balance of Sthira and Sukha is the key to
silencing the mind. Some obstacles that I have encountered through
concentration is attempting to gain silence within the mind and becoming the
witness. During my practice, I often find myself wondering off in to thoughts
and then gently pulling myself back to become the witness, this is challenging.


Sadhana Pada (Practice). Pantajali speaks of the Kriya Yoga which he describes
as actions that involve self-study, dedication, faith and effort. My
understanding of this is that we need to ease ourselves from the five causes of
sufferings which are the Kleshas to gain Samadhi (concentration).