9. Being patient and optimistic will allow9. Being patient and optimistic will allow

I am a patient and optimistic person, these qualities I possess will help me
with my career pathway. Being patient and optimistic will allow me to spend the
time I need with a patient, insuring a healthy and safe rehabilitation period.
A quality I need to improve would be my fear of other feet. Physical therapists
must be comfortable with massaging and assisting patients which is crucial for
the patient’s recovery.

Physical therapists are addressing the issue of opiate addiction because
prescribing opioid drugs to patients is no longer fixing the problem, it is
becoming its own problem. Physical therapists are looking at alternate ways to
help patients with their pain. When it comes to chronic pain, physical
therapists are looking at ways to fix the issue by using stretching techniques
and physical exercise.

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An interesting fact about physical therapists is that the Commission on
Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education, also known as CAPTE, is
responsible for developing educational programs. This group has qualified
faculty members that obtain and maintain accreditation for entry-level physical
therapists or physical therapist assistants (Hinman, Peel, & Price, 2014).

Physical therapists work with other healthcare professionals such as surgeons
and physicians. A physical therapist requires a doctorate, as do surgeons and
physicians. Physical therapists should be able to
communicate well with surgeons and physicians to be able to provide patients
with the best care.

13. The work of a physical therapist impacts that of a surgeon
by providing rehabilitation needs for patients. Physical therapists help
surgeons by offering post op training to patients to increase strength, range
of motion, and function. By properly executing these tasks a surgeon may focus
on the patient’s overall recovery through check-ups.

14. If a physical
therapist does not do their job properly a patient’s healing period could be
altered. For example, if a patient needs proper muscle training in their legs
and do not receive such training, the patient might not be able to walk again.