Apart from its other
management strategies, Virgin group has used Porter’s basic strategies to take place
in the marketplace. Virgin brand constantly tries to recognize the requirements
of their customs. The porter’s generic strategies applicable on Virgin group
as follows:                                    Cost Leadership: low cost fares &
mid – range price airlines are attractive more customers. Virgin Airlines
cannot be covered under the low cost fare airlines but it has positive founded
features which helps them to differentiate their goods and services from other
airlines.Differentiation: day to day aviation
market has changed the needs of the customers. Virgin Airlines offers its clienteles
with flexible and customized it support in increasing the customer satisfaction
levels. At Virgin Airlines, differentiation is everything. The high class travellers
are able to contact the in house bar area and spa. The passengers even have a possibility
to book a limousine or motorcycles for airport transfer.Virgin Airlines has been using porter’s generic
strategies in command to be in the competitive airlines run. Encourage the brand
all over the market place with the help of differentiation. The differentiation
strategy has helped Virgin Atlantic to be known as a convenient and well prepared
airline locally or internationally. With the help of differentiation, Virgin
Atlantic Airlines had over powered other airlines by a deep cut in their
service cost and providing outstanding services to their target audience. That
they were the first airlines to provide personal entertainment to its
passengers. Virgin Airlines is the first airlines to operate Airbus A340-600.
They were the first European airlines to operate Boeing 787-9 in October 2014

Focus: The
focus of Virgin Airlines is to enter the niche markets as well as understand
the dynamics of the market. It shall be taken into consideration that, focus
strategy does not work alone and hence it shall be teamed with either cost

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