Prokaryotes have
been known as a main living microorganism on our Earth which has survive during
ancient time, having been present for perhaps around three-quarters of our
Earth olden times and it can adapt with environment in this earth. As a colony,
they now displayed extremely assorted metabolic competences of them.(Kara
Rogers,18.01.2018)  .

The disease
that causes by bacteria are come from bad bacteria or known as pathogenic bacteria.
They also responsible for STD (sexual transmitted disease) such as  Gonorrhoeae
 and Syphilis.
These disease are mainly caused by bacteria which is Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Treponema
pallidum respectively . A few human bacterial pathogens, including those
Gram-negative diplococcus , Neisseria gonorrhoeae, handle
extracellular proteases that would particular to mankind’s immunoglobulin
IgA1,. Immunoglobulin a (IgA) proteases have been mulled over extensively and
the genes about some species cloned to escherichia
coli, Yet their part clinched alongside pathogenesis stays vague. ( Johannes
Pohlner et . al , 1987) .

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According to World Health Organization 2012 , There
have been various archived treatment disappointments with oral cephalosporins
around the world, and a very ceftriaxone-safe strain of  N. gonorrhoeae was as of late revealed
from Japan .The reactions to these episodes and ensuing development and
reconnaissance have not been adequately cognizant. In spite of the fact that
the techniques for containing AMR illustrated above apply for the most part to
cover early location and administration of cephalosporin protection in
N. gonorrhoeae, this activity design tries to layout more solid strides to
be taken at the facility and national levels, from the minute a patient
presents to the center with an industrious gonococcal disease suspected to be
because of protection to cephalosporins. Likewise, it diagrams the reactions
and activities required at the territorial and worldwide levels.