A a ring a diamond-encrusted look. UsingA a ring a diamond-encrusted look. Using


   A diamond
ring setting is the most important part of choosing a diamond ring. And familiarizing
ourselves with different setting will only help us make the best decision for a
center stone and the overall look of an engagement ring. Meanwhile, micro pave
settings is a great way to personify the words used to describe the perfect
engagement ring. It adds a new level of sophistication, giving a ring a
diamond-encrusted look.

Using a micro pave setting on diamond ring means
these diamonds are encrusted not only on the band of the ring but also beneath the
center gem or around it. As amazing and gorgeous as micropavé settings is, they
do require more care and caution than other rings when making and also when
using, this is because of the small size and high number of diamonds they

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pave is a technique of setting small diamonds on multiple rows over the entire
surface of a jewelry piece, building up a diamond coating with each stone held
by tiny grains of metal with a precision that is only possible using high magnification.  Micro pave was originally gotten from the
French word Pavé pronounced as pah-vay which refers to a surface setting of small
gemstones (diamonds). Diamonds used for micro pave are also referred to as
Melee, with each diamond cut weighing about 0.015ct. and lighter, hence the
term Micro pave. Diamonds are arranged at regular intervals, in close proximity
to form a uniform arrangement which then builds up to what appears to be a coating
of diamonds, with each stone held within small grains of metal, impossible to
distinguish with the naked eye.

Unlike the ordinary Pavé setting in which the
stones varies in order and size to fill space, micro pave acquires a much more
unique result by the symmetrical arrangements of a uniform-sized diamond beads
from row to row.  The technique can be
used to cover a wide expanse of precious metal, but is also popular for small
meleé diamonds within wedding rings, and engagement rings.

Micro pavé diamonds are not accent stones in the
traditional motion. They are a type of surface decoration – it aids as a type
of diamond mosaic to conceal the underlying metal. When making a diamond jewel,
a plain metal can be unappealing to the sight. Micro pavé illuminates the
surface of a jewelry, making it appear thinner and more delicate. This is why
micro pavé is often used even on surfaces that are not directly visible from
the top. Some of the most famous jewelers in the world pride themselves on this
setting style.

   In a diamond ring setting, Micropavé is the
arrangement of tiny, almost weightless, and dazzling diamond beads which are
packed closely on the surface of a ring that are held in place by tiny grains
of metal. It can also be called a top coat to the ring which adds unimaginable  beauty with great shimmer.



An engagement ring is used to symbolize an
everlasting love that is to be treasured for eternity, never shedding its glow.
A perfect engagement ring differs for every woman but the way they are
described are the same: fascinating, beautiful, stunning, amazing, magnificent
and so on. With row of glittering 
diamonds set together that glows with the slightest contact or flicker
with light.