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A cross-sectional examination was directed including understudies going to people in general segment restorative schools in Peshawar. An example of understudies was haphazardly chosen and understudies were given a data sheet clarifying the reason and plan of the investigation and in addition their part in the examination. When they gave verbal agree to take an interest, they were asked for to finish a poll. All the finished surveys were gone into a dataset on a PC utilizing the SPSS programming, and examination of the information was performed utilizing the SPSS variant 17 for Microsoft Windows. Factual investigation included elucidating insights, for example, frequencies and rates or means and standard deviations. The cross-arrangement, chi-square measurement were utilized to evaluate the factual criticalness of distinction. The review included inquiries with respect to socioeconomics, caffeine (utilization, purposes behind utilize) and stimulants (utilize, explanation behind utilize ). Further, information was gathered by understudies and their level of stimulants utilization. Results The last dataset included 416 understudies classified into two gatherings first – second year and third – last year out of which 92.08% of reviewed understudies revealed that they drank stimulants containing refreshments. Caffeinated beverages and espresso were observed to be the most widely recognized wellsprings of stimulants took after by sodas and tea. On correlation it is evaluated that second gathering of understudies was established more predominant than first gathering of understudies. The admission of stimulants was discovered higher on exam days than typical days. Likewise, there was higher stimulants allow by smokers than non smokers. As to drinks, a more noteworthy level of guys than females were found to devour caffeinated drinks. The most widely recognized self revealed explanations behind expending stimulants containing items were: To enhance readiness, To enhance fixation, To enhance exam, To enhance memory, To unwind. Accepting that this example is illustrative of the bigger understudy populace, it is evaluated that the pervasiveness of stimulants use for understudies exists in the range: 92.08% to 96.4% (95% certainty interim).