A community based activities which has majorA community based activities which has major

A study of promotional practices of women self help groups in Pune
for marketing of their products


What Is Microfinance

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The Micro credit Summit 2007 defines
micro credit as the extension of small loans to entrepreneurs to poor to
qualify for traditional bank loans. It has proven as an effective and popular
measure in the ongoing struggle against poverty, enabling those without access
to lending institutions to borrow at affordable interest rates and start small
business. The key implication of microcredit is in its name itself ‘micro’. If
we consider micro it has various fold and is considered for loans and savings
in small sizes with their smaller frequency and less repayment periods, Small
level activities like micro credit and community based activities which has
major impact in providing details and as an ingredient in larger education and
training exercises for women in India.

1.2. What Is Empowerment

Empowerment as a concept was
introduced at the International Women’s Conference at Nairobi in 1985. Empowerment
is a multi-faceted process which encompasses many aspects i.e. enhancing
awareness, increasing access to resources of economic, social and political
etc. The World Bank defines empowerment as “the process of increasing the
capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and to transform those
choices into desired actions and outcomes. Central to this process are actions
which both build individual and collective assets, and improve the efficiency
and fairness of the organizational and institutional context which govern the
use of these assets.

(1986) established that “active” women who have a role in household
decision-making and also consumption standards either on their own or jointly
with their husbands. In both significantly in household decision-making than
women from male loanee households or from households who had not received

(1998) distinguishes between women as marginal, joint or primary decision
makers, using a matrix, which considers women’s role in decision-making
regarding the use of the loan, participation in running the business, and the
use of profits. She writes that it is important to acknowledge this complexity
in household gender relations, and to reflect on the mix of structural,
individual and programme factors which influence the degree of control women
are able to take over their loan.

Compare to other countries In
India Banks specifically commercial banks are beginning to study and analyse
the micro-finance market very minutely. In last decade, micro finance has
explore of new market which has been facilitated by loan guarantees, RBI
rediscount lines, and technical assistance. Donor-funded credit programs
linkage was the initial resources for loans frequently came from and time began
commercial banks draw on their own deposit for micro-loans.

Objectives of the study:

the limitations of money and time at the disposal of the researcher, it was
decided to have specific objectives of this study. In view of this researcher
proposes to have the following objectives of the present study.

objectives of the proposed research are:

To examine and evaluate the managerial
success and achievements of women’s self help groups and provide the causal
analysis of their success.

To study the various sales promotional
tactics and practices adopted by these self help groups for expanding the
markets of their products and assess the effectiveness of some their
promotional efforts.

To make objective comparison of the
prices, cost, the volume of the monthly & yearly turnover and the profits
of their products vis-à-vis the same variables of their competitors from
private corporate sector.

To study the promotional practices
undertaken by these bachat guts to market their products.

To analyse the opinion of these mahila
bachat gats regarding effectiveness of various promotional tool.

To study the penetration, awareness &
adoption of new promotional tools by these bachat gats.

To analyse the opinion of these bachat
gats regarding importance of marketing & their level of professionalism
adopted for marketing.


study is related with & limited to Self Help Groups.

researcher has explored the promotional practices adopted by the self help
groups. Hence the scope of the study is limited to promotional practices
adopted by self help groups.

have taken data & opinion of members of NGO’s associated with SHG to get
insights into the topic.

promotion is one of the important elements of marketing for success of their
business. Marketing of products or services is a skill, which the members of
self help groups have to imbibe. In the absence of funds for proper
advertisement, the quality of their product and its uniqueness cannot reach to
their potential buyers. This research has focus on understanding the perception
& opinion of mahila bachat gats towards importance of promotion and also
various promotional strategies adopted by mahila bachat gats for marketing of
their products.


for the study are given as under:

hypothesis is a suggestions or proposed explanation made on the basis of
limited evidence on a starting point for further investigation.

The business success of women self help groups is the function of their
adoption of appropriate sales & promotional practices.

Due to the tremendous success of some self help groups, many more are being
induced to form and organize them and the movement is spreading very rapidly in
recent years.

 H3: A large number of self- help groups have
been practicing professionalism in their promotional marketing practices and
they have gained prestige of most trusted brands.

4.6. Limitations of the study:

There are following limitations of
the study:

1.         The
universe of study is limited to Pune region. It may not be the exact
representation of the globe.

2.         Sample
size is restricted to 279 members of self help groups &  136 Members of NGO associated with Self Help
Group. This limits the study to one particular region.

3.         The
major limitation to this study has been that it is limited to the only business
& marketing promotional aspects of the Self Help Group.