A make a good missionary wife. ‘JaneA make a good missionary wife. ‘Jane

A little later in the novel Jane is asked for her hand in marriage by a man named St. John, he asks her to marry him and accompany him to work as a missionary in India. However, she refuses to marry him as she does not love him. This seems to a situation that shows us how Jane does not choose to marry someone for convenience.


She believes she cannot be with someone that she does not have affection towards. ‘She knows that humiliated marriage is not true love.1’ St. John’s offer to marry Jane is based on the fact that she would make a good missionary wife. ‘Jane is in great unconformity with the social environment at the time. She dares to fight against the conventional marriage ideas, which well reflects all feminist’s voice and wish for true love.2’

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However, when Jane returns to the Ferndean Manor, she later finds out that Mr. Rochester’s wife had died in a fire. This makes Mr. Rochester no longer married. However, he is now physically handicapped and blind. Jane is now attracted to Mr. Rochester, the fact that his health has deteriorated, she now finds herself as an equal to Mr. Rochester.


Jane states that ‘perhaps it was that circumstance that drew us so very near – that knit us so very close: for I was then his vision, as I am still his right hand’3. Jane seems to derive happiness from the fact that she could be of assistance to Mr. Rochester. She finds herself of use to Mr. Rochester and her utility gives her a sense of respect and love. There seems to be a discrepancy in the relationship that is portrayed between Jane and Rochester.

The author seems to portray that Jane and Mr. Rochester cannot be in a relationship unless they mutually benefit from each other. Even though Jane does not seem to think of this arrangement as a comprise. She says ‘I love the people I love is that to make a sacrifice? If so then I certainly delight in sacrifice’4.