A to our hearts and the heartsA to our hearts and the hearts

A loyal person is someone who can be trusted with closed eyes. It is not easy to be or find a person like that for that reason We have many acquaintances but fewfriends because the loyalty within the friendship It is indispensable If we want to be friends we must earn their trust And that is achieved above all with our loyalty our own ability to be loyal and find people who can be determined will determine if the friends we have are temporary or permanent for life It is the value of loyalty is a commitment to our hearts and the hearts of others, since it is the power to defend our ideas and principles regardless of your convenience simply committing yourself to risk anything to defend them.This is the theme that today my essay takes its name because loyalty is fidelity to our peers with a sense of commitment and trust, respecting ideas, beliefs and relationships.Today a loyal person is a treasure in life because you know you have the confidence to have her with eyes closed because that person is happy to have the most wonderful value because he lives with those firm principles in his heart that do not give rise to a betrayal.It is simply a quality that is carried in the soul that thanks to it you can defend your position of devotion and brotherhood with all those people who need you regardless of your path or essence because only your fidelity is the key to success your heart.The convenience is not a sister of loyalty because it does not count on its own opinion, it is always attentive to change its face or posture in order to be well regardless of the commitment towards it and the others, it is only interested in the material benefit and not the morals values. All that disloyal person is a person without a word since they are unable to defend their own values only think in the comfort of their actions regardless of whether they hurt someone.An example of loyalty can be to the homeland and a way to manifest it is when we take care of the historical patrimonies.This is concreted to the monuments, to the natural reserves, because in many occasions we are not aware of our commitment and responsibility to take care of them or to keep them in good condition and we make a bad use of them. So it is important to raise awareness to assume a loyal and loyal attitude, which contributes to preserve our national heritage.Loyalty is kind love in action because through it we can take care of our body with positive attitudes and thoughts that do the honor of power and always keep the same face in our hearts.When we are loyal we can maintain a relationship forever because we are aware that this implies a commitment to our exterior and interior, avoid all those confusions that exist in your interior as well your relationships will be more solid and honest.The moment of being faithful has arrived do not wait for tomorrow to show your loved ones the commitment you carry in your heart, it shows that this is not a simple value but something that takes from the hand of your friend towards the path of fidelity and of loveLoyalty is a value that is not easy to find but neither is it impossible because our world is surrounded by values such as respect, tolerance, honesty; we simply have to make a balance with all these in order to become the most precious jewel of our treasure.Loyalty is a key that allows us to have real success when we relate. Loyalty is a value that is not easy to find. It is, of course, more common that person to know that he can get something from us to approach us and when we stop being usefulleaves us without more. It is common to know that someone frequents an opposite group because it gives more benefits. And what ends up happening is that no one trusts that kind of person.Loyalty is essential in friendship. The acquaintances become friends through mutual loyalty. Loyalty is an essential in the friendship that has developed in the commitment of hearts between two people. In a heart-to-heart relationship, loyalty develops mutual trust.It is our duty to be loyal to those who depend on us: family, friends, our employees or our employer. Loyalty is kindly love in action. Loyalty is enhanced by the energy that comes to our body to take care of our attitudes and thoughts. Loyalty develops our soul in consciousness, transforming us into the most beautiful possible creation of a human being.To finish I can say that loyalty is not a series of obligations that you do to be good with others, nor are they a commitment that you have to do to have something in return, they are actions that you do for yourself and others to defend an idea, belief or relationships without thinking about betrayals since loyalty has a quiet heart.