A4.1 within a problem that has alreadyA4.1 within a problem that has already


With the introduction of computers, more
complicated things like computational thinking which allows to take a more
complex problem. It will help us to understand and develop more possible
solutions. Which we then go show in a way that both a human and a computer can

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 Decomposing is where
you break down a problem into smaller pieces this will improve the users
understanding of the software which leads to a more effective answer, An good
idea for when you find a solution will be to make a note of the problem and the
solution, this will mean if in the future they stumble across the same or a
similar problem they can look back at the notes therefore leading to an easier

Pattern Recognition

After decomposing the code, the next step is pattern
recognition, pattern recognition is where you look for a reoccurring piece of
code within a problem that has already been solved as well as identifying
similar pieces of code contained in the current problem. Therefor making
solving problems less tedious and time consuming. There are several steps
whilst doing patter recognition.  The
first step is to look out for common pieces of code within the current problem,
and problems which have previously have been solved. Once solved the developer
will need to look for the main functions, once found they will need to be labelled.
Following the last step, they will have to analyse the patterns which have been


This step is about trying to simplify the patterns found as
much as possible, doing this will hopefully filter out any unneeded information
and leave the information which is needed.

Representing Parts of
a Problem or System in General Terms

For example, variables
which are inserted into a piece of computer code, they are used to store
information. A second use of a variable is it can be used to label certain
parts of code.  Constants on the other
hand Data values that stay the
same every time a program is executed are known as constants.
Constants are not expected to change. Key processes are very critical to
getting to understand how a problem or how a certain system operates. Finally,
repeated processes are processes which occur several or multiple times
throughout an problem 



The purpose of an
application software is to help aid the user in creating something, one of the
biggest software application is Microsoft office. For example, it includes
several programmes which will help meet the client’s requirement. These
programmes include Microsoft word, excel, database and presentation. These will
help boost the client’s productivity. Microsoft word is useful for writing
letters all the way to jotting down notes, it has hundreds of different fonts
to pick and choose from, it also has built in templates for letters, flyers etc
meaning its more efficient then making a structure or base to start of on by
hand. Microsoft excel allows you to have different sheets therefor meaning it
can hold a lot of information. On excel the user can also type in different
formulas which will aid them in several ways, these formulas include a formula
which will allow you to add different cells together, which is used a lot in
accounting jobs and jobs which involves a lot of maths, therefore meaning he
user can do the equation quicker saving them time whilst being more efficient,
this program will be able to search through all the data to be able to find a
specific piece of data. Microsoft PowerPoint will allow you to make a
PowerPoint which can store information alongside images, Microsoft PowerPoint
will be mainly used in the business and marketing side of jobs as it’s a great
way to display your work. Like excel Microsoft database is used to store data,
which most large business will have to do. Another application software is
adobe creative suite, this package will allow the user to edit photos, audio
file and video files. For example, adobe photoshop will allows the user to edit
features on a photo, such as brightness, cropping etc. This programme is
extremely useful for jobs such as photographers and article writers. Another
big job which will use photoshop is youtuber, they will edit their photo in
photoshop or a similar programme to create their thumbnail. Software
applications are extremely helpful when it comes to equations, using a
programme will be quicker and more efficient then getting calculated by a
human, it will be less likely to make a mistake as well. games are also helpful
software application because it will help the user to multi task and to think




When it comes to writing programmes, there are several
things to bear in mind, like some programmes are harder to use and understand.
Meaning it may take longer to write out the code in these programmes. To list
some of the most common programming software is; python and java.  Python is a high level which means that the
program will have to be complied before the program will run, because of this and
the fact it’s a high-level programme which means it will be more difficult to
understand will make this process slower. 
Which if you were working with a time limit it wouldn’t be the best
coding application to choose. In python programming languages it has several
advantages and a couple disadvantages, the biggest advantage is properly the
fact that is one of the easiest to learn then the other programming
applications, therefor this means that it doesn’t matter if you know a lot
about programming you can start programming straight away. Many big companies
use python because of certain characteristics such as; it’s portable this means
that you can access from any place. Another main advantage of python is its
productivity it has a strong process, including increased speed for most
applications. The main features of java script, java script is an objective
based scripting language, it allows the two have more control over the browser
therefor meaning it’s easier to handle date and time.  C++ features has many such as; it’s portable,
it structured and its simple, therefor meaning that anyone can use it weather
you’re an it specialist or not. Therefore, making c++ one of the go to
programming applications within big businesses. You will mainly see c++ used
within the gaming industry because of how flexible the program is.  One major disadvantage about java is the
security issue, as it can be easily exploited. But as a relatively easy
language to learn means making it a breeze to develop.

So, in conclusion I would recommend that the developer was to
use c++ because it is the best programming software, I say this because its portable,
so it can be edited anywhere, its structed and its simple. Therefore, meaning I
believe it is the best to use



In programming one technique is
called variables, variables are used to store information, and these are
commonly used in python programming when the creator is making a game which
will have to keep track of scores. 
Another technique used n coding is repetition, this list isn’t ordered,
but the loops are probably one of the most important construct in programming. One
construct is called sequence, this tells the processor what statement should be
performed next, this will help if the user needs to skip out or jump to a
certain bit of code. For example, if playing a game and you chose the left door
this would be used to skip out the coding used for if you went through the
right door. One of the most commonly used constructs is an if statement. What
it does is when it is proved to have been true, the if statement will display
some information or in some cases perform a function. Fixed count loops are
used to allow a statement to get repeated a certain number of times.




When creating a software application there is several things
you should take into consideration such as;


2.       Maintainability

3.       Portability

4.       Reliability

5.       Usability



The programme will have to be portable, which c++ is there
for meaning it ticks this box, which means it can run on anything, unlike
Microsoft visual basic which can only run on Microsoft meaning it’s not
portable.  when talking about the
programming performance one thing stands out and that is speed, the quicker the
programme is the more efficient it will be. Because it will be less time consuming.
A usable programme will have to be reliable as It will have needed to be used regularly
meaning the outputs the programme is outputting will have to be correct and
consistent. For the maintainability is the programme itself maybe getting used
quite a lot so it will have to be able to run smoothly without any errors, if
the code has been wrote out correctly it will decrease the time the program
will take to complete the task at hand.