Abortion right to choose what she doesAbortion right to choose what she does

Abortion is a controversial issue that society often debates about. Some people believe that abortion is unethical and should be illegal. Abortion should be legal because a woman should have the right to choose what she does with her body. There are reasons that a woman would have an abortion such as their financial stability,whether or not they are in a relationship, or just the simple fact that they aren’t ready or old enough for a child.Being financially stable is a big part of having a child. Children require countless items that not everyone can afford. Studies by Guttmacher Institute say that 73% of women had an abortion because they couldn’t afford a baby. Why bring a child who won’t have what they need into the world? Children also require attention and emotional commitment. A woman that has to be out working however many jobs it takes to make enough just to get by is not someone who can give a child the affection it needs or an enjoyable childhood. Another reason abortion should be legal is because a woman may not be in a stable relationship or in a relationship at all. Usually, when a woman envisions her future with a child, she is married or in a long-lasting relationship and that woman may not have that kind of relationship. She can be with a man who doesn’t want to be a father, an on and off relationship, or in an unhealthy relationship. Growing up with one parent can have a huge impact on a child. They don’t get all of the attention and love they may see other children receiving and that can make them feel down on themselves. Being raised by both parents ensures a child has all of the resources he/she needs to have a healthy and happy childhood. According to an article on The Bump, a child who grows up in a dual parent household  are less likely to experience a variety of cognitive, emotional and social problems. Abortion is an option to young women as well. Some teenage girls get pregnant and have abortions because she has nobody to turn to and no means to take care of a child. Teenagers are stressed with school and finding out who they truly are. During the teenage years, teens start to discover things about themselves and are slowly getting themselves prepared for young adulthood. No young adults should have to worry about how they’ll feed and clothe a child. According to Choices Pregnancy Care Center only 50% of teen mothers receive a high school diploma by the age of 22, versus approximately 90% of women who had not given birth during adolescence. Abortion needs to be an accessible option to teenage girls as well. As abortion rates decrease, so do graduation rates.You may say abortion promotes a culture in which human life is disposable. No, abortion promotes a culture in which human life is worthy. More than half of the time, when a woman has an abortion it’s due to the fact that she does not want to bring a child that won’t have anything it needs into the world. You may also say well she can always give it up for adoption. Adoption seems like a good option until the child gets older. When children who are adopted find out their “parents” aren’t really their biological parents, they often enter a depression and feed the thought that they aren’t good enough to themselves. According to CNN, children who are adopted have a higher risk of having mental health disorders. All reasons why abortion should be legal.In conclusion, abortion should be legal because a woman should have the right to choose what should be done with her body. No woman wants to bring another human into this world knowing that they won’t be able to provide for it. So if you agree sign the Keep Abortion Legal petition at https://petitions.moveon.org/sign/womens-rights-keep-abortion .