Abstract: from everywhere throughout the globe andAbstract: from everywhere throughout the globe and


Gilgit Baltistan is
designated in the north of Pakistan the Islamic state and it’s the closer zone
of Pakistan which is associated with the general population republic of china
through Khunjarab outskirt. There are sure regions which are most well known
regarding its magnificence and the shrouded treasures in the mountain ranges
which are situated in this specific zone. The mountain ranges are the regular
source which draws in the mountain climbers from everywhere throughout the
globe and in addition the normal magnificence of the locale as well. The
economy rate of Gilgit Baltistan is much high than alternate urban areas of the
nation because of its noteworthy area and its attributes which are entirely
unexpected as for different urban communities.

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1.       Introduction:

Tourism is
characterized as visits to spots of intrigue which are appealing and lovely as
for its area and centrality. Pakistan is among those nations which have
substantially more national excellence and spots. Tourism is one of the
essential components which can bring about the monetary development. Gilgit Baltistan
is the fifth area of Pakistan which contains the quantity of lakes, mountains,
lavish Green Valleys and significantly more. Consistently in the spring season
from all finished Pakistan countless alongside their families come to Gilgit
Baltistan with the end goal of tourism and happiness, Most well known places in
Gilgit Baltistan are Kharmang Waterfall, Shangrilla Lake, Sadpara
Lake,Hunza,Shiger Fort,Khaplu Fort and so forth. The expectation for everyday
comforts of individuals of Pakistan is so straightforward when contrasted with
different subjects of Pakistan. In the early ages it was not excessively grown
but rather as the time passed and the economy of Gilgit Baltistan was expanded
with the assistance of tourism than legislature of Pakistan conveyed various
ventures in Gilgit Baltistan promote the excellence of this region.Te economy
of Pakistan is expanded with a tremendous proportion in recent decades because
of this factor. Allah Almighty has favored this zone with assortment of
products of the soil too. The living style of individuals is additionally
critical because of their precursor’s way of life and conventions. The
legislature of Pakistan must consider upon this specific factor with the goal
that individuals can find better.

Problem statement:

The northern regions of Pakistan are
a standout amongst the most appealing areas everywhere throughout the world and
Pakistan too however there are sure issues which this specific zone is looking
from the previous decade. The administration of Pakistan is centering upon each
one of those issues in light of the fact that Gilgit Baltistan was announced as
the commonplace status in 2014.The primary purpose for this specific status was
that the legislature may begin such activities which will bring about
advancement of the territory. In the event that the territory is created with
appropriate endeavors than it might bring about enormous financial development
and also region advance. The way of life of the general population of Gilgit
Baltistan is very straightforward and it can be improved with the advance in
various divisions which are identified with the administration segment and
private as well.


In the early age individuals from
various nations they set out towards to various territories for exchange and
different purposes. Later on they found distinctive zones which were full of
good open doors and signifance also. Pakistan is one of the best positioned
nations in the rundown of countries which have gigantic assets and regions
which are god talented excellent and appealing in all aspects. in Pakistan
there are number of little urban areas which are most acclaimed with the
beguiling excellence and its area on the globe. Gilgit Baltistan is one of
those urban areas which is loaded with every one of those attributes which are
dependable in the tourism factor. There are number of mountain ranges lavish
green valley’s waterfalls and fortifications of the old emperors. Every year
countless come to visit this specific region keeping in mind the end goal to
investigate the shrouded magnificence of this territory an additionally result
in the monetary development of Pakistan as well.

2. Literature Review:

1Currently there are many control
systems who create their specific applications for different issues of
individuals,such as hand gestured control system, infrared light and others
like ultra- sonic and etc. 2But they cannot be used by higher disabled
persons like quadriplegia because the drawbacks of that applications are that
they require accurate controls,the infrared light-based systems give the exact
identification of the eye movement or eyeball movement. Nowadays, system based
on voice recognition are widely used as the main operations are that the
individuals can move the wheel chair by giving voice commands to the system but
the system assumes that the user who use can speak or talk,but here the
drawbacks are that disabled persons exists who can’t speak or talk naturally so
that kind of system are useless for them(Ankur
Thakkar,2014).3As one solution that
widely used are the hand gestured controlled wheelchair so the system objective
is that move the wheel chair with the movement of the hand and some systems are
controlled with movement of fingers of hand but as the system also assumes that
the patient can be able to move their voluntary muscles(Sandesh
Pai,2016).3As the eye controlled
wheelchair introduced to solve this problem and fulfil the needs of disabled
persons who can’t move their voluntary muscles except their head so the eye controlled
wheelchair that was developed were controlled by the eye movements of the
individual. 4The user need to move their eyeball to control the wheelchair
movement like left, right and forward but the problem is that the results was
not 100% accurate the accuracy was 70% to 90% for example the one which
attempts 100 instructions can get correct movement of the wheelchair round
about 70 to 90 in counts because the system can’t detect accurately the
movement of the eyeball of individual. 5The technique used for eye controlled
wheelchair is that a laptop webcam takes snapshots of the individual face with
just focus on the eye and the image processing script process the snapshots of
the webcam of laptop to detect the movement of the eye which then sends and
process the commands to the microcontroller which controls the motor of the
wheelchair(Darshan Shah,2014).


So to overcome the accuracy of the
detection of the eye to detects the pupil of the eye accurately by head mounted
camera which is closely to the eye and It will captures the images that are
closed to the individuals eyes so the processing can be done instantly and can
increase the accuracy of the results. The images that are captured by the head
mounted camera then process by image processing and many image processing form
OpenCV library are utilized for face and eye motion discovery and the
instructions that are controlled by raspberry-pi.

3.       Methodology:

In this
specific research we conveyed a study in which every one of those inquiries
were specify identified with the tourism and the proportion of salary which the
general population of Gilgit Baltistan were gaining from this specific area. In
the tourism the visitor primary concentration is to visit every one of those
spots which are having a huge area and additionally excellence than different
spots. After the exploration we will finish up the entire economy rate and in
addition the yield pay proportion. The advantages which the region is
overcoming the demonstration of tourism.

4.       Implementation:

The information
investigation was done with a little study which is to be conveyed in the
specific district from the nearby subjects of Gilgit Baltistan. This specific
overview will satisfy the essential data in regards to the tourism and the
fundamental components which had added to the economy of the territory and the
improvement too. This section will incorporate all the exploration work which
is conveyed by the Pakistani scientists and the outside analysts which had
clarified the significance of the tourism and additionally the significance of
the locale of Gilgit Baltistan. There are sure inquires about papers which were
composed on the excellence of Pakistan and in addition the northern territories
of Pakistan when contrasted with alternate locales. The mountain areas which
are designated in Gilgit Baltistan are the best most tallness scopes of entire


Results and Discussion:

   The purpose
of this research is to highlight the beauty of
Northern Pakistan To explain the     importance of tourism in the economic ratio
of the country To identify the hidden beauty of
the Northern Areas of Pakistan as well as the lankness which are to be mended
by the government of Pakistan? To make recommendations in order to improve
labor productivity in construction industries of Pakistan



Baltistan is assigned in the north of Pakistan the Islamic state and it’s the closer
region of Pakistan which is associated with the general population republic of
china through Khunjarab outskirt. There are sure regions which are most
renowned as for its magnificence and the concealed fortunes in the mountain
ranges which are situated in this specific zone. The mountain ranges are the
normal source which pulls in the mountain climbers from everywhere throughout the
globe and in addition the common magnificence of the area as well. The economy
rate of Gilgit Baltistan is much high than alternate urban communities of the
nation because of its noteworthy area and its attributes which are entirely
unexpected as for other cities. There are sure research works which is
performed by Pakistani analysts identified with the tourism division of
Pakistan and additionally the zones which are honored with each one of those
assets which have brought about the appealing nature and the magnificence as
well. A standout amongst the most celebrated author named as Atta-Ur-Rehman did
a sensible research on the tourism that is as of now on the post of President
Tourism branch of Pakistan. He clarified every one of those raw numbers which
have constrained the traveler to visit Pakistan and the northern territories
toWe will gather our information through survey, meeting and contextual
investigation through which we will choose those factor and feature the
excellence and the tourism office development. We will give way and answer for
each one of those issues which the tourism division of Gilgit Baltistan is
confronting up until now.


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