ABSTRACT internet connected such as from homesABSTRACT internet connected such as from homes



Various type of data
is generated by IOT, huge amount of data is generated in short amount of time. As the number of
objects keep
on increasing that can be internet connected such as from homes and offices, the stress on the
internet and the data center infrastructure is also increasing. Different types of
wired and wireless sensors and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) connected
to other devices in the network collecting information that is stored or passed
through the cloud can cause problems to the cloud. Storage and processing may get compromised
due to overload10. Handing of this for the cloud architecture is very
difficult. Thus there is a need to find a solution. This project is about
researching the problems faced by the combination of Cloud and IOT. Finding a
solution to the problems. Also researching on Fog Computing or edge computing.

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Cloud Computing is sharing of resources, computer processing, data
and storage with other devices at or from remote locations. These services can be privately owned or third party
owned. It is a part of
information technology which relies on resource sharing which can be accessed anywhere
and it contains resources like servers, storage, applications and many more. First is the Software as a Service (SaaS)
where consumer uses provider’s applications on the cloud. Platform as a Service
(PaaS) where consumers can deploy their own applications on the cloud. Lastly
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in this consumer has the capability of
processing, storage, networks and other computing tools. There are different types of providers,
providing different types of services. Rackspace whose focus is service and
support, has products like cloud drive for storage, cloud sites for web sites
and cloud server. AWS provides vast amount of services, networking, storage,
mobile, deployment, and
management, developer of tools and
internet of things.
Cloud has many benefits but it Security is the biggest issue1.


Figure 1


Internet of Things (IoT) is a System of Devices which are connected to each other wired and
wirelessly and carry on the process of gathering of data, transferring without
human interactions. The
architecture of Internet of Things basically consists of many different type or
same type of sensors which collect data and which can also communicate with
each other. The information gathered by theses nodes is gathered and sent to
the central system by a gateway and many other devices which help in
transferring. This whole process is done by the devices of data gathering,
transferring and processing at end without any human interventions. It has many applications on land and sea like
forest fire sensing, air pollution, in hospitals for patient monitoring, on
road for traffic monitoring, weather monitoring. Also there are different types
of sensors used for temperature, heat, water level, humidity level, heartbeat
sensor, distance sensor, for calculation of vibration or tilt of a land and
many more. IoT has vast number of uses and many things can be done and because
of t widespread applicability it is gaining more momentum 2. It can be used
anywhere such as in sea to find ships, communication, on land for traffic
analysis or detecting forest fires, in buildings for fire or unauthorized
access alarms, in hospitals health sensors.

Nowadays people want everything to be
connected to store data or to communicate. Cloud
and Internet of Things are very compatible as Cloud provides storage,
processing and transferring path to the massive amount of data generated by
Internet of Things like the different types of sensors. A new method for analyzing the
large volume of data generated by IoT which reduces latency is called Fog
computing or edge computing 3. Its benefit is that time sensitive data is
analyzed near the sensors and the work is done in few seconds and also the
relevant data is sent to the cloud for further analysis and storage.




Cloud Computing can be private or third-party owned
but it makes processing faster and as it is virtual there is lot of storage. Cloud computing refers to both the
applications delivered as services over the Internet and the hardware and
systems software in the data centers that provide those services 4. It has a
service oriented architecture where cloud computing service providers offer
service based on different models. Cloud computing has many advantages and
applications its web services range contain computing, storage, networking,
back end database, application services, deployment, mobile, management,
internet of things and developer tools. Cloud computing will grow, so
developers should take it into account. This paper concludes that if there is focus on horizontal
scalability and more focus on virtualization there is scope of development.4.
Irena 5 says that as there is a widespread adoption of Cloud computing it is
impacting IT professionals and IT industry in a way that there is migration of
technical roles of consumer organization to cloud service providers.


 Internet of Things (IoT) is a
combination of Sensors, actuators, transmitters, gateways, networking
devices which work together to collect data and analyze it. Sensor network
is different as it like a distributed system with many and different types of
components. This
technology connects network with intelligent things. It has no certain
limitation on application, rather than that it creates a new service while
having convergence with existing systems and services 6. Many sensor nodes are used which communicate with
each other and carry out their task and send the data to a gateway which is
connected to a network which makes the data transmission more easy as it uses
ZigBee, 3G or Wi-Fi application. When the data reaches the remote location on a
personal computer it is combined and analyzed accordingly.