Abstract: other species and decorate or get

The communication
security is set up through registration all through the primary belief and get
in touch with between two human beings, which is kept within the human brain
are a completely. The safety codes among them are generated and the records are
blocked by these protection codes if the end user  is not the required one. On the other hand,
the unlocked records are transmitted if the specified cease confirmed via the
comments mind indicators, i.e. telepathic hyperlink, wherein subsequently, the
specified safety codes are opened and the records are transmitted. moreover,
the quantum flip-flop alerts can also be generated by way of the usage of a
coherent mild source propagates within micro-optical tool, where the Rabi
oscillation frequency can be set up to begin/forestall the transmission bits
security, wherein the circulation of information may be securely transmitted
inside the telepathic communication. In this study by input soliton pulse into
nano ring resonator, Coding signal as secured communication can be generated to
use telepathy communication.


 Key words: Telepathy,  security communication, memory.

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 Telepathy is used to govern the brain
functions, test the reminiscence of other people, receive and transmit the
thoughts directly among people with none bodily manner along with vocal or
auditory mechanisms. Telepathy exists throughout area which seems in numerous
paperwork among numerous races  1 with a vested interest to study the
recollections of other species and decorate or get better lost memories. A few
communication can exchange thoughts handiest with others in their very own
species and a few can ship however no longer obtain and vice versa  2. Betazoids, for one instance, can
ship their thoughts most effective to different empathy and telepaths, however
can receive thoughts and feelings from nearly any being’s mind, psionically
talented or now not 3. In some races, telepathy is present
in all healthy people. However in some species, together with people, telepathy
is in frequent and certain species, drastically the Ferengi, by no means
telepath 4, 5.Telepathy makes viable some kinds of
interaction that could in any other case be impossible 5, 6. Miranda Jones has set up a
telepathic link with Ambassador Kollos 7. Telepathic races along with the
Betazoids and Vulcans typically broaden a ethical code (now and again making it
real law, as do the Ullians) which exactly dictates below what circumstances
such powers may be used. Vulcan telepathy, although, is more confined, usually
practiced within the shape of the thoughts meld, coupled with Vulcan legitimate
and mental molding 8, 9. signal pulses of microwave could be
heard by way of some human beings as “pops” or “clicks”, while a
teach of uniform pulses could be heard as a buzz, without advantage of any form
of receiver 8, 10.A wide variety of frequencies, as
little as 125 MHz (properly below microwave) can be labored for some mixture of
pulse energy and pulse width.

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