Abstract: preoperative care, operation notes, post operativeAbstract: preoperative care, operation notes, post operative


The project entails facilitating better
healthcare services using NFC enabled devices. The NFC enabled devices offer an
easy and secure way for self-reporting of health status information. The
project involves use NFC tag. NFC is used to collect important information
about the patient such as the blood sugar count, pulse rate, ECG etc. Thus the
doctor can access the patient’s data through just a tap. medical data is
confidential information that must not openly be available to anyone with
physical access to the storage media. We make a technology to provide secure
and quick access to medical information.

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It is very important for the treating
doctor to properly document the  patient
under his care. Medical records form an important part of the of a patient. It
is important for the doctors and medical establishments to properly maintain
the records of patient . It will help them in the scientific evaluation of
their patient profile, helping in analyzing the treatment results, and to plan
treatment protocols. Medical records include a variety of documentation of
patient’s history, clinical findings, diagnostic test results, preoperative
care, operation notes, post operative care.

We have used android studio to make an
application and  java development kit


Keywords: NFC, ECG , android studio , java
development kit (JDK)







technology enables simple and safe two-way interactions between electronic
devices, allowing consumers to perform contactless transactions, access digital
content, and connect electronic devices with a single touch. NFC complements
many popular consumer level wireless technologies, by utilizing the key
elements in existing standards for contactless card technology (ISO/IEC 14443
A&B and JIS-X 6319-4). NFC can be compatible with existing contactless card
infrastructure and it enables a consumer to utilize one device across different

the capability of contactless card technology, NFC also enables devices to
share information at a distance that is less than 4 centimeters with a maximum
communication speed of 424 kbps. Users can share business cards, make
transactions, access information from a smart poster or provide credentials for
access control systems with a simple touch.

bidirectional communication ability is ideal for establishing connections with
other technologies by the simplicity of touch. For example, if a user wants to
connect a mobile device to a stereo system to play music, he can simply touch
the device to the stereo’s NFC touch point and the devices will negotiate the
best wireless technology to use.

What does
this mean for the end user? Easy connections, quick transactions, and simple
data sharing.

NFC tags
contain data and are typically read-only, but may be writeable. They can be custom-encoded
by their manufacturers or use NFC Forum specifications. The tags can securely
store personal data such as debit and credit card information, loyalty program
data, PINs and networking contacts, among other information. The NFC Forum
defines four types of tags that provide different communication speeds and
capabilities in terms of configurability, memory, security, data retention and
write endurance. Tags currently offer between 96 and 4,096 bytes of memory.

As with
proximity card technology, near-field communication uses electromagnetic
induction between two loop antennas located within each other’s near field,
effectively forming an air-core transformer. It operates within the globally
available and unlicensed radio frequency ISM band of 13.56 MHz



NFC based  identification is an
innovative system which will help to keep patients history. In This system  there will be a chip which consists of a
unique id called as NFC tag. And that chip will be fixed in the patient’s hand.
By using the NFC reader the doctor will be able to find the previous record of
the patient which is stored in the cloud. Again if there is any new patient
then the doctor will insert the data in that chip only and that data will be
store in the cloud. So it will make easy for doctor to search any patient’s

Patient will be equipped with NFC tag.
The medical application (In-built NFC reader/writer) writes the link of the
patient into the NFC tag from smart phone. To create patient application we are
using Andriod studio


Figure 1: Architecture Diagram



NFC Cards: When Smart phone are placed near the
NFC tag, data will be accessed and this unique ID will be sent to server to
select the appropriate record. This tag can be assigned to patient with a
unique ID at the time of registration. NFC based Identification developed for
Android platform will run in all NFC enabled Android smart phones . For
successful identification it opens up the patient records and display
information coming from the backend server system. If not then the record
application displays the message of unidentified ID.

Figure2: Working Diagram


NFC Reader
And Writer : The writer/ reader will be
in-built so that uses do not have to download separate NFC reader/writer, for
adding tags and readingothers tags. This also makes it unique and secure form
other general tag readers


Andriod Mobile : android mobile having NFC feature for
scanning NFC reader

Server  Storage: It is  server
part in our project. It will be used for storing the person’s information in it





The technology behind NFC allows a device, known as a
reader, interrogator, or active device, to create a radio frequency current
that communicates with another NFC compatible device or a small NFC tag holding
the information reader wants.

Passive devices, such as the NFC tag in smart
articles, store information and communicate with the reader but do not actively
read other devices.

Peer-to-peer communication through two active devices
is also a possibility with NFC.

This allows both devices to send and receive





Convenient: The convenience of payment is
one of this system’s greatest advantages.
NFC makes it very easy for users to make instant payment via their smart phones
and tablets, using their mobile wallet

NFC is very versatile, in that it covers a range of different industries and
services. This mode of payment can be used for the purposes of mobile banking,
reserving restaurant seats and movie passes, booking train tickets, getting
real-time updates on expenditure and reward points, redeeming rewards and
coupons and much, much more.


ID: The Future of Mobile
Payment for App




This project can be used in “SMARTY CITY.

This project can also be helpful in government projects.

Industrial use.

Public places.




The system is aimed to
collect the medical data of patients

automatically, from the
wireless sensors to base station, then to the center database. This system is
intends to provide a hassle free and smooth medical data access in case of
emergency and for daily routine basis. It bridges the gap between patients and
doctors in terms of communication and provides a unique and secure platform to
interact, thus providing to better healthcare services. A paperless system
which will make the Identification of a person more easy and authentic. Use of
NFC tags increase authenticity of data as they cannot be overwritten.




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