Abstract— problems that are as follows: ·Abstract— problems that are as follows: ·

Abstract— A Go Cart is also spelled as Go Kart, It is a four wheeled vehicle
designed and meant for racing only (though in some countries it is used for fun
personal transportation). It is a small four wheeler run by I.C Engine. It is a
miniature of a racing car. Go Cart is not a factory made product; it can be
made by Automobile engineers. This report documents the process and methodology
to produce a low cost go-kart. Simple but innovative, we have made a simple,
self-fabricated „Go Cart?, chassis formed by hollow round bar, powered by Honda
125 cc engine fitted with disc brake. The chassis are made of AISI 1018. There
is no suspension therefore chassis have to be flexible enough to work as a

Keywords— Go-kart, Ansys, Chassis, AISI 1018

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The automotive chassis is tasked with
holding all the components together while driving, and transferring vertical
and lateral loads, caused by accelerations, on the chassis through the wheels.
Most engineering students will have an understanding of forces and torques long
before they read this. Some people stress full with material choice but once
you are familiar with this it is the key to a good space frame. While this will
make the design better it can still benefit from these more general design
principles. The design process of the vehicle is iterative and is based on
various engineering and reverse engineering processes depending upon the
availability, cost and other such factors.


So the design process focuses on following




Driving Feel and Ergonomics






Light Weight

High Performance



 1.1 Problem

In previous go kart because of chassis we had
to face a lot of problems that are as follows:

Due to too
much unnecessary length and width the net weight of go kart increases and which
results in poor performance and aerodynamics issues.

Even after
too much costing we are not getting required comfort and safety of driver in
previous  go kart.

1.2 Objectives

To provide
full protection and improve driver comfort, by obtaining required strength and
torsion and rigidity, while reducing weight through diligent tubing selection.