AbstractRichard Paso, Texas, he was the youngestAbstractRichard Paso, Texas, he was the youngest

AbstractRichard Ramirez was born Ricardo Leyva Muñoz on February 29, 1960, in El Paso, Texas, he was the youngest of seven from Mexican immigrants parents who were rail road works name Julian and Mercedes Ramirez which his father was from Morelia Mexico and his mom from the City of Juarez. Richard as a child had a troubled childhood because of his head injuries at an early age and began to experience epileptic fits. During his childhood and teen life, Richard began to sniff glue and smoking marijuana. At age twelve he began spending time with his cousin Mike who returned from war. Mike showed Richard photos of Vietnamese women he had raped, tortured, and killed, and also taught him how to keep hidden and kill with secrecy.Satanic workshop and the use of marijuana was a big problem for Richard it led him into revelation. He started to do petty crimes to fuel his drug habits, and stopped living his parent’s house and spend more time with his cousin.  By spending too much time with his cousin Richard witness how Mike shoots his wife in the head and killed her. By him experiencing the death of Mike’s wife his life was affected. Richard Ramirez at age eighteen was a heavy drug user what caused him to be placed in juvenile detention for a string of petty crimes in 1977. By 1892 we has also put on probation for a marijuana possession with his cousin Mike. After his probation and juvenile sentence was over he moved out from El Paso to San Francisco and from there to Los Angeles, from that moment his cocaine addiction and burglary, interest in weapons and most important Satanism was involved. His first charge in San Francisco was a car theft in 1983 and led him to a jail sentence of eight months. He was arrested constantly in the Los Angeles area for auto theft, in 1981 and again in 1984, later began to neglect his personal hygiene.  After his burglaries turned to violence and something more evil, which no one expected. Ramirez first murder was on June 28, 1984, his first victim was Jennie Vincow a 79-year old lady who was sexually assaulted, stabbed and killed during a burglary in her own home. The purpose of why he killed Jennie Vincow because he was angry after not finding anything of value to steal, and began stabbing her while she was asleep, eventually slitting her throat (Silvahalo.) But yet he was not done he had sex with the death body before leaving.  After Ramirez first murder his spree of brutal murders, rapes and robberies started and left dozen of victims in its wake (Biography.) For a remain of eight months he was quiet and no murders were done but he was heavily using cocaine. Ramirez next struck was nearly nine months later. On March 17, 1985, he attacked twenty two old Angela Barrio outside her condo managing to escape. Richard shot Angela and kicked her out of the way, and went inside her condo to search for valuable things to sell, to get money for cocaine. Angela was not living by herself she had a roommate name Dayle Okazaki who Ramirez immediately shot and killed her. Nevertheless Barrio was still alive with luck by having her keys in her hand which helped her protect her from dying. After not being satisfied with his two assaults, within an hour of killing the roommates. He left to Monterey Park where he jumped thirty year old Tsai-Lian Yu and pulled her out of her car onto the road. Ramirez shot her several times and fled. By the time the police and ambulance arrived Tsai-Lian Yu died. With the murders by Richard Ramirez the media gave him a new name “The Valley Intruder” because of his murder spree that left many dead and injured by Richard. Just ten days later, on March 27, Ramirez shot Vincent and Maxine Zazarra but were shot multiple times and stab too. Maxine body had multiple stabs wounds, with a T-carving on her left breast, and her eyes were gouged out. The autopsy was also determined Maxine was also raped and Vincent was hit multiple times with a gun. On what Ramirez did not know he left footprints in the flower beds, which the police photographed and cast. Bullets were also found at the scene and were matched to the previous attacks he did, and the police realized a serial killer was on the loose. After the murder of the Zazzara couple, Richard attacked again. His next victim was Harold Wu, a sixty six year old, he was shot in the head and his wife Jean Wu was punched, bound, and then violently raped. For some reason Richard decided to let her live. Richard attacks were more violent and with full hate. He left behind many clues to his identity, and was named, “The Night Stalker,” by the media again. With the help of the survivors of Richard’s attacks, police provided a description of the serial killer on the loose. A full-scale police operation yielded no concrete result, and Ramirez repeated his attack pattern from women to families. Over the next few months, his murders rate escalated, claiming another dozen victim in a period of burglary, assault and brutal violence, complete with Satanic rituals. He journeyed through San Francisco where he killed two other people named Peter and Barbara Pan. From those two murders, his Satanic symbol was known by the press. Of many complains about the victims and the press demanding the police to do more to catch the killer. From there hundreds of law-enforcements officers were established, and the FBI stepped to assist. Richard did not stop on May 29, 1985, attacked was again with Malvial Keller and her sister who had a disability Blanche Wolfe by beating them with a hammer. Ramirez attempted to rape Malviya but failed. When done with his attack he used a lipstick, to draw a pentagram on Malvial thighs and also on the wall of their bedroom. Both survived the attack but one was left with many fractures. The next day another attacked was done by Richard, his next victim was Ruth Wilson who was raped, bound, and sodomized, while her son was locked in a closet. Richard slid Ruth and her son in the throat and breast. Over the next two months, Richard committed more than eight crimes with raped and stabbing, but mostly shooting his victims. The media and police were pressured to find the Nightstalker and put him behind bars. Which Ramirez was forced to leave the area of Los Angeles and move to North of San Francisco, which he took his first victim Peter and Barbara Pan, on August 17. Ramirez’s actions on his final night of terror, on August 24, 1985, soon led to his capture. He was first seen outside a Mission Viejo home, where he left a footprint before a witness took note of his car and license plate. After he had been seen, he raped a woman at her house and shot her fiance. The victim provided a detailed description to the police who shot her fiance and assaulted her and forced her to swear she loved Satan. Days later after his assault, his car was found abandoned and with his fingerprint in his car, later his criminal record was found and had a match of the suspect. From putting his prison picture on national tv and paper. On August 31, after he was badly beaten by East L.A. residents while attempting to carjack he was captured. Reportedly, Ramirez raised his hand to the police, begging for protection, and identified himself as the Night Stalker. Richard claimed many times he was mistakenly identified and did everything possible to delay the trial, in which he was facing charges with 14 murders and 31 other felonies in connection with his killing spree.Ramirez waited in jail as his trial was continuously pushed off, the delay marked by series of motions and disputes between the prosecutors and defense attorney. Some of Ramirez charger were dropped in order to expedite what was becoming a long journey to justice. The trial started but it had some delays because one juror was found murdered, but rumors said it was Ramirez who planned her death. On September 20, 1989, the jury finally returned a unanimous guilty verdict on 43 charges, including 13 counts of murder, five counts of attempted murder, 11 sexual assault charges and 14 burglary chargers. After two weeks later the jury recommended the death sentence on 19 counts after their recommendation Ramirez responded “Hey, big deal death always comes with the territory. I will see you in Disneyland.” Ramirez was convicted murdered and was formally sentenced to death in the gas chamber on November 7, 1989, and was sent to San Quentin Prison to spend the remainder of his days.During the trial, Richard attracted a large of Satan worshippers who appeared daily at his trial. One of his supporters was Doreen Lioy, whom he married while serving time in prison. Doreen believes her husband is innocent of all charges he was charged. After 23 years on death row, Richard died on June 7, 2013, at the age of 53, his cause of death was a natural cause. He was taken to Marin General Hospital in Greenbrae, California where he died after staying for four hours. For many years Richard Ramirez was compared with many serial killers but no one could take his spot on becoming the serial killer most known and no other killer could take his place for being the best serial killer. One of his quote most know was “We’ve all got the power to kill in our hands most of us are afraid to use it, those won’t control life itself (Richard Ramirez.)