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        According to Kirkbride Center, “every year as many as 8 million Americans who have serious mental illnesses don’t receive adequate treatment”().  In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, many of the character’s go through unfortunate events. Often, after the unfortunate events, the characters start to act abnormal.  One example of this is Ophelia.  Ophelia is forced to stop seeing Hamlet then, later in the play, her father is killed.  Not long after her father’s death, Ophelia starts to act differently.  Two directors who chose to place Ophelia’s madness scene in their film version are Franco Zeffirelli and Gregory Doran.  Doran does the best job at showing negative events can have an impact on people’s mental health.         In Shakespeare’s original text of Hamlet, there are not many stage directions.  There are enter and exit cues, song (to indicate that Ophelia is singing), and a few acting cues such as talking to someone directly.  There is also nothing written about props or costumes.  The only way the readers can tell that Ophelia isn’t mentally right is by voice inflection and what the characters are saying.  In act 4 scene 5, a gentleman is talking to the queen, about Ophelia, and he states “Ophelia speaks things in doubt that carry but half sense.  Her speech is nothing” (Shakespeare 4.5.6-8).  Meaning that what Ophelia is saying doesn’t make sense.  The gentleman also tells the queen that Ophelia is “indeed distract” (Shakespeare 4.5.2).  On the left page of the book distract is defined as “out of her mind” (Shakespeare 4.5.2 side note).  Also in this scene, it is the only time the reader will find a character signing their lines, which is a way of showing that the character isn’t acting normal.  Since Shakespeare didn’t give many directions, description of costumes, or description of props it allowed directors to show their own interpretations in their film versions.         Zeffirelli shows that Ophelia isn’t mentally well through acting. When the queen first sees Ophelia, she looks as if she is scared.  In fact everyone looks like they are afraid of her or they feel sorry for her.   At one point of the scene Ophelia is walking around with her hands on her head and she is screaming.  Also during this scene, she doesn’t blink once.  Zeffirelli also uses the way the character looks to show that Ophelia isn’t normal.  Ophelia’s clothes are dirty and it looks like she hasn’t gotten much sleep.  In fact some people would say that Zeffirelli’s version is the better of the two because Ophelia doesn’t comprehend that her actions aren’t right.  First, when Laertes first sees his sister, she is sitting on the King’s throne.  During this time period, sitting on the King’s throne was a big no.  Lastly, when Ophelia is giving them flowers, she doesn’t notice that they are not real flowers.  However Zeffirelli’s scene __.         Doran showed that Ophelia isn’t mentally well through acting, like Zeffirelli had.  During Doran’s scene Ophelia acts wild and un-lady like.  She skips around, shakes, and screams more than Zeffirelli’s Ophelia did.  Also at one point Ophelia tries to undress the King, however she is pulled off.  Not long after being pulled off, Ophelia undress herself.  Another way that Doranshows that Ophelia isn’t mental right is by the way she looks.  When she first walks in the audience notice that she is barefoot and her hair is a mess, unlike the other times the audience sees her.  Like Zeffirelli’s version, in Doran’s version, Ophelia doesn’t comprehend some things.  Such as the flowers, Ophelia doesn’t seem to notice that the flowers are dead and that theyaren’t real flowers, but they’re plants that grow in pots.  When Ophelia walks in with the flowers, the audience will notice that she has been cut a few times; however Ophelia seem to not notice that she’s been cut.  Some people would say that Doran’s scene isn’t the best because __.  However in Doran’s version there is a visible representation of Ophelia’s father’s death.  The scene opens with the Queen standing in front of a shattered mirror.  After being shot, the bullet went through Polonius and hit the mirror causing it to shatter, much like Ophelia’s mental health after the event.         Both directors’ interpretations of Shakespeare’s Hamlet did show that negative events have effects on people’s mental health, however Doran’s scene did it better.