According such as the US and GermanyAccording such as the US and Germany

to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index, Singapore’s political
system is hybrid regime (Economist Intelligence Unit,

A hybrid regime is found in most developing countries a combination of
democratic traits with autocratic aspects. When in comparison to other high developed nations, Singapore is far
less democratic than nations such as Germany and the US. Singapore scores a
2,78 in political participation, whereas full democracy nations such as the US
and Germany scores a 7,22. A significant difference which illustrates the
dominating role of the state in political stability and business incentives.

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The lack of political participation is due to all news related enterprises are
state-owned and in addition, it is illegal for citizens to participate in
demonstrations. The protection of private property from the government and the
restrictions on freedom of expression and media without state influence has
limited civil liberties (Carney, 2015).

 It is debatable whether too much
government control is a bad or good thing. Nonetheless, the government
appreciates young talents at a very early age by supporting them with
scholarships and other forms of finances. Also, in order to provide and
maintain high civil service and standards, the government has tried to maintain
the private and public sector’s wages closely in line. The performance will be
rewarded with better wages or status and corruption with be punished hard (Carney, 2015).
 The government has acknowledged
that is it critical to underline and emphasize Singapore’s basic openness in
trade, investments and to talent. It is also important for PAP to control civil
liberties, since it may create new threats to the government or the economy.

The government wishes to continue to maintain connectivity to regional and
global economies, but also a trustworthiness towards the government. The goal
is to build an economy that offers ample opportunity for all Singaporeans and
the pioneers of the next generation. In this analysis, the state plays a much
more authoritative economic role than it does in nations such as Germany and
the US. The state’s role in Singapore is deeply skewed towards developmental
objectives, and the state influential in the economy escapes the traditional
VoC model.