According want to invest money on trainingAccording want to invest money on training

According to the survey from the case study, the HR practices in Mozambique ‘revealed little evidence’ of leading a better practice compared to other firm that has specialised people management function. There was No policy in place to support employees in difficulties, there are no structured training approach for employees. Personal networks for recruitments which suggests that there is no such thing as equality and discrimination however, if HRM was utilised it would’ve provided with equality for everyone and it would’ve been more diverse in network. Top down (managers in charge and have no hr influences to regulate any policies.  – in a hierarchy perspective it is suggested as very informal yet personal relationship between employers and employees. People that were employed were either acquaintance’s as such. Autocratic patriarchalism defines leaders dictating without any consultation of sub ordinates e.g. people below them.  Which therefore means they are dominant and would use an informal style to conduct their own practices.  Due to the economic state of Mozambique many have lost their jobs. However, Managers are retaining close contacts with work force to adjust the service for individual needs e.g. employees.  Best practice techniques are being utilised in small minority firms to make sure that the impact from political changes have no effect on employees and small firms. High competition from abroad is weakening Mozambique’s business as they revert to a low wage, low skill, low value route. There are few firms that actually make use of the range of high performance work practices to receive a higher result within the business. Adopting a fatherly figure type of relationship between employees and employer – more personal rather than professional. Also, no policies and procedures are intact to support wages and personal difficulties such as grievances. Everything is informal and have no flow of structure and no adherence to a schedule to follow. Companies do not want to invest money on training their staff given the fact that there is a high competitive environment. They believe coaching staff from developed businesses that provide adequate training for their staff is a more effective way to save money and have a hold in the environment. Having a hr management within a business is more encouraging and beneficial as it has advantages to provide equality, give rights to the employees and rewards the business for their right doing. In regards to HR practices the case study shows that there is a lack of use of practices and there is a lack of use of practices and there is policies, procedures or legislations in place to back up their understanding for certain situations. As growth in employment legislation is one of the most significant developments in employment relation, it would be in their best interest to do this best first.