Across cheating, they must be supervised andAcross cheating, they must be supervised and

Across the United States many schools of all levels have some form of an honor code. Although some believe it leads to cheating, all schools should implement this system because the vast majority of the time it promotes academic integrity and creates a strong learning environment for students. Everyone has tried to cheat before and even plagiarized even when they didn’t know what they were going, but it can’t go on forever. In order to trust highschool and college level students to keep their honesty with their teachers or professors who may not know that student is cheating, they must be supervised and monitored.        Enforcing an honor code to prevent plagiarism in college should be eliminated due to the majority of students that don’t follow this code or disagree with it. High punishment for cheating, including expulsion, and even senate members who criticize the use of the Honor Code. We all know that there are a mass number of college students that is why spycams in college are unnecessary because why would the staff monitor that many people? Not saying that the college level shouldn’t have freedom but that is a lot of systems to keep track of. “How Do Ya Spell Plagiarism? Cheating Scandal Tests Honor Code at U. Va.” (Source D). Explaining even College level students could violate the Honor Code and even drop out or get expelled for the violation.        My school has a somewhat developed honor system. It can be improved in many ways, such as, being a little more strict. Some ways that my school can become more strict in the honors system are, possibly using cameras to watch kids while they are testing. The school staff could become better at detecting cheaters. One way that this could happen is getting a computer program that detects plagiarism. “Recent Research Has Shown That a Spycam Can Greatly Improve the Honor Code.” (Source A). Students that want to take a stand to this matter should get their voice heard by the school board members. Also, some fundraisers help raise money for the cameras being installed.     The overall idea of an honor system is a great concept. Kids that work hard and earn their grades can report cheaters without having their name be brought up. This program only works if students cooperate with the program. What students need to know is that their name will not be brought to attention by anyone, this is more like an undercover process. That is why these programs are being held up in success. People are afraid of, “What if they found out I reported them?” It wouldn’t happen if someone stated that but at the same time it shouldn’t matter. We are trying to do what is right and to help benefit others to succeed on their own. “Assessing Honor Code Effectiveness: Results of a Multipronged Approach from a Five Year Study.” (Source E). If we had some volunteers from the student council we could set up meetings. We could start doing student polls and surveys because it is important to see how the rest of the student body feel.       The idea of having spycams seem really beneficial not only for the students but for the staff as well. If they just gave it a try we all can see how it’ll work. If it doesn’t work out then just replace them. Everyone should take chances and start experiencing more this is to help the students succeed. No matter what level your at everyone should get the same treatment. Besides if they installed cameras starting for highschool students then they can have an idea of what to expect when they get into the college level course. Otherwise, we’d just be having a lot of students cheating their way through life and not getting nowhere. Students that are against this idea believe to be the ones that cheats but never gets caught.