Activity as the people are always watched.Activity as the people are always watched.

Activity 3: Part I Chapter IPlease answer the following questions for your portfolio.Describe the living conditions as they are presented in the first chapter. What does this tell you about society?In the house, in which Winston lives, there is a strange smell and the lift isn’t working. Everything seems to be in a bad state and not very well-kept.There are the posters of Big Brother everywhere and inside all the apartments there’s a screen that works both ways, both seem to represent the omnipresent government, as the people are always watched. The whole world outside seems to be cold and lifeless. There is no such thing as privacy, the police even watches from helicopters into the houses and apartments of the people. It isn’t allowed to write a diary, which seems also to be the prohibition of discrete thinking. There is a ritual called the “Two Minutes Hate” in which an opponent of the party is projected onto a big telescreen and the people have to watch him attack the Party and show rage against him. This shows that the government is trying to mind control the popularity.In my opinion the first chapter describes a city or a world in which most things that happen are wrong and for sure the society notices this, but can’t do anything about it because they live under a regime and oppression.Explain why you think that Winston’s diary is important.The diary is a symbol for Winston’s individualism and his discrete thinking. It is an act of resistance.Describe the “Two Minutes Hate”. In which ways do people react to the “Hate”(give an example)? Does Winston appears to react differently to other people (example)?During the “Two Minutes Hate” people show their hate against the enemy of the regime, Emmanuel Goldstein. The programme of it is every day a bit different, but the course is always the same: the people have to look at the telescreen which shows them Goldstein, who is delivering an attack upon the doctrines of the party, and then they show uncontrollable hate and rage. However, he also produced fear. In the second minute of the Hate it rises to a frenzy: people are shouting at the top of their voices, their faces are flushed and they are leaping up and down. Different emotions flow through the whole group: fear, hate, desire for violence. At the end the picture of Goldstein is replaced by a calm Big Brother.Even though Winston is participating and it is impossible for him not to join, he feels different than the others: his hate is not against Goldstein, but again Big Brother. Winston is screaming around like everybody else, and shouting “B-B” when everybody else is, but he actually doesn’t want to, but he knows if he wouldn’t do it he would get killed.Activity 4 1) Part 1 Chapter II: This chapter introduces Mrs Parsons and her children. What impressions do you get about the way that children are being brought up?Winston describes all the children as ‘horrible’ because the party makes them into surveillants over their own parents through organisations like the Spies. In these organisation the children learn through songs, processions, banners, hiking, drilling with dummy rifles and yelling slogans to worship and adore Big Brother and to turn in people who are against him, even the own parents. In that way the children supervise their family and if they hear something they denounce the parents to the Thought Police. This is an appalling thing because the parents need to be afraid of their own children, which to me seems like a crime against nature, and the party exploits the children and their persuasibility.2) Part 1 Chapter III: What do you think is meant by “doublethink”? What effect do you think that attempting to use doublethink has on people?Doublethink is the act of holding, simultaneously, two opposite ideas or opinions and believing in both simultaneously and absolutely. It requires using logic against logic or ignoring the disbelief in the contradiction. Doublethink is the method used by the Party to control the thoughts of the citizens because it has the ability to control your memories, to choose to forget something, as well as to forget about the forgetting process. The effects is that the people can’t control their own thoughts and themselves and become will-less puppets of the government.