Activity out information about the relevant stakeholders,Activity out information about the relevant stakeholders,

Activity 3






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What information is needed?

Where I can get it?

Where I will use it?

Lists the relevant stakeholders
Describe the roles and
responsibilities of each stakeholder
How and why stakeholders’
interests might conflict

I will need to email one of my
businesses or go on the website of one business and find out information
about the relevant stakeholders, the roles and responsibilities of each
stakeholder and the conflicts.

I can get it by emailing Game or
visiting their website. I will also visit my company and ask for this
information if needed.

I will include it for the Listing
part, and describing the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder. How
any why stakeholders’ interests might conflict.

Explain how the business
attracts new customers
Retains existing customers

What this means is that I will need
information about the retaining customers I will need different statistics
and how they attract new customers.

I can get it by emailing Game or
visiting their website. I will also visit my company and ask for this
information if needed.

 I will use it on how Game as a business
attract new customers and retain the existing customers.

Describe how these laws affect
the business
Explain the extent to which the
business is affected

This means I will need information
about how the laws affect the business and to what extent the business is

I can get it by emailing Game or
visiting their website. I will also visit my company and ask for this
information if needed.

I will use it for the parts like how
these laws affect the business and to what extent the business is affected.










Stakeholders of Game

The national
company Game have a lot of stakeholders which are very important to them, as
well as playing a big part in their company. I will state below the relevant









stakeholders are those people who want to serve your business as members,
staff, volunteers and donators. An example of internal stakeholders are your staff in the business
these are basically a group of people who help in your business. 

Also, there
is a thing such as external stakeholder they are people from outside of the
community or business who have an interest on what the business does. An example are the customers
as they are from elsewhere and are helping your business by buying items.


Describing the roles
and responsibilities of each stakeholder and, with reasons, ranks the chosen
stakeholders in order of importance


project team are responsible for planning the project. It includes a project
manager and lots of project team colleagues. These people are also set out to
present the project and advertise it in front of others.

executive sponsor is a person with interest and wants to see the outcome of the
certain project set and they are responsible for the money spent on the
project. For example,
they will be set a task and he will give instructions on how the money will be

owners of Game are the people who look after the full business. They make the
whole of Game successful on the trading market, these people are important
because they are the ones who open and start the business so without this
person I don’t think Game would be such a thing.

managers of Game are the sub assistants of the owners. They control each
department whilst the owner is not here and will set it the tasks to different

customers are the main part of the business. These people help the business
with funds as they buy our consoles and games to give us profit and money. For example, they will buy
items from the business which will lead the business into gaining profit and

workers are the people who help around the customers in what they would like. They
work around the store for e.g. they will be serving someone on the till.

community are the people who spread the company around, so they basically
attract more customers to the store. For example, they will basically do most of the advertising as they
might see this store and tell others about it.

are very important in the business they get the money and the uniform into the

For good
management in the business you will need to do what you have been set to do at
the start of the day by your manager. The employees within the business deal
with customers every day which is why they and you should do their work at the
given time. One of the staff managers have stated “the company’s success depends in large measure on the
skill and dedication of its employees.” This shows that without the
employees doing their roles properly, the company will not reach its profit
target they set each day or month.

There are
many reasons for the existence of this company, they want to provide services
and products that helps the customers in every way. The role of the customers is
crucial as they are the people who have the business in control meaning they
are the foundation of the business. The purchases the customers make and
providing feedback helps the business exceed further on what improvements they
must make. The customers also have a important role in the businesses marketing
efforts by spreading and telling others about the products and services the
business provides.


Stakeholder’s conflict at Game

A lot of
different stakeholders have different objectives in the business, the different
objectives they have may cause conflict in Game. The stakeholders might
conflict in the business because the customers might have different opinions
and problems with the staff in the business. This could be one main conflict as
this may impact in the manager firing certain staff for not doing their work
properly. For example,
the staff might not be serving customers properly which means the customers
will have a complaint against them and this is where conflict occurs in the
business. Another reason of conflict in Game is that the manager may have to decide
in which certain people of the business might not like which could lead into
arguments etc. Again, for
example the business may have to fire a person for not doing their job
correctly which would either lead him into accepting the decision or fighting
back for his job. I believe
that the most important conflict businesses have to deal with is between the
customers and staff as this could lead the whole business in being affected.

In this
company many workers have different roles. They have different stakeholder
groups in order for the company to achieve their goals. Game is a very big
company where they have different departments selected everywhere around the
business. Another conflict is staff wages, meaning they might have a concern
with the manager that they are paying him/her to less. This might result in the
manager fighting back with the employer as he disagrees with this problem the
employee has. This is another
example of Game having conflict within the business. Sarah Benning’s who
is a staff has said “with
my experience in Game as a staff who works around the store I believe the most
important conflict between stakeholders is between the staff and customers”.

How Game attracts and retains

Attracting customers

Look for a good customer

Game have
many strategies put into pace which allows them to attract good customers.
Firstly, they look for the best customer, this customer must be valuable. When
a new customer comes into store staff will start discussing amongst themselves
on how to keep this customer in the business. They will look for different
features such as if this customer will spread the business, meaning telling
others about the service they received on the first time they went there. The
staff help the customer as much as they can and make them buy little things
first. They do this because they provide the best quality and give the best
service when they buy this item so next time they will want to buy bigger and
spend more. For example,
if you make the customer buy something expensive and big at first and it does
not reach their satisfactions then the business is making a loss, as though you
will have to waste time into giving the money back and wasting money on more
paper. In that time a current customer of the business could have bought that
instead. I believe that
looking for a valuable customer is one of the main features in attracting

Find out where the customer lives

When a new
customer comes into the business Game decides to give them loyalty cards which
registers their home details such as where they live. This allows the company
to send out different deals weekly which is part of advertising the company and
leads into more people coming into the business. Also, you should not
physically find out where they live but also, find out here they live on social
media, meaning what type of social media they use the most. If they use forums,
emails, Facebook then the business will send out promotions etc on these pages.
Also, the business on their website have their own social media pages
and forum pages where people can follow up and find certain deals etc. I think that this Is an
effective way as though most people in the world nowadays spend their lives on
social media. Finding out where they live on the social media will attract a
whole load of new customers due to the fact most people live on social media
day to day.

Knowing everything in your business

items and statistics in your business inside out allows you to be more fluent
when there are new customers in the business. When new customers come to you to
ask for help the staff in Game have been told to learn everything inside out. So,
the first impressions that a new customer gets is that people in the business
know what they are doing and know everything about the business, this makes the
company/store look more professional. It also allows the new customers to come
back and telling other friends are family about the business. I also think that this is
another key feature the business has, which makes it professional inside and
outside. Also, the owners in the business know everything inside out as they
revise this mentally day in day out. The owners randomly check on staff every
week to see if they know what they are doing, if they did not know the business
mentally themselves then it would be stupid for them on checking the

Online marketing strategies

Game have
local stores set around the UK which allows them to attract different customers
around the UK. As the headquarters of Game is set in one part of the country
they have set up different marketing strategies. Firstly, they have set up an
online website which allows customers to access and purchase around the world. This
attracts more customers because people can buy anything from anyway and get it
to their destination the next day. People don’t have to physically come into
the business to purchase items instead can buy it online. This makes peoples
life more easier and convenient, and allows them to purchase whatever they want
and how they want. I believe
that this is a good strategy as it makes peoples life easier etc.

Retaining customers

Using good manners

When you are
losing customers as well as gaining you would like to keep both customers. Using
good manners when you leave a customer shows that they think that they are
appreciated within the business. Game uses manners like “Thanks so much for purchasing with us, we hope
you come back soon”.  Using
manners like this shows the customer that they have been appreciated and may
change their mind on purchasing more items and staying with Game. Also, Game on
their website when a customer buys an item they leave a personal message saying,
“Thankyou for purchasing,
here is a coupon for when you next purchase an item you will be discounted by
…” I think that
using terms like this makes your business as an overall look good.

Customer feedback

In Game
customer feedback is key within the business, as it shows old customers that
you are looking for ways to improve. This also may make them purchase more
items to see if you have improved more and give more feedback. Game interact
back with customer feedback that people leave as thought they feel that they
are not being neglected and left out. When Game sends out surveys it allows
people to give their honest opinions on how they feel the business at the
moment and ways they can improve. By sending out surveys it keeps Game at the
top of their mind and will soon visit back again. I believe that interacting with customers is key as
it shows that they are being appreciated and will show love more towards the
business. For example,
when they are about to leave the store staff in Game kindly ask whether they
would like to participate in a short survey.

Showing customer experience

Instead of
asking the customer to pay you, the staff in Game make them accept our money.
For example, if a customer is raising money for a charity then you should ask
them whether we could stick the flyer out on our shop wall, which will make
more people donate towards their charity. Asking them for when their birthday
is so when it is their birthday you send them promotions and they will think
that this business is the best. This also shows the customers that you care
about them and they will come back and purchase more using that token. I believe that this is also a
key way in retaining your old customers and not letting them go.

Giving promotions and deals for
long-time customers

When you
have customers, who have stayed with you for a very long time then Game show
appreciation by sending out deals and discounts to show them that they are one
of our loyal customers. Also, if you see a trend in them buying items, meaning
only at certain points they only buy and at certain times they don’t then you
should try and improve this. I
believe checking over all your customers allows your business to succeed
and exceed further. For example at certain points in the year (where you see a
drop) you should send them out vouchers and codes which allows them to come
into the business and purchase instead of buying nothing.


Describe how these
laws affect the business

1.      Leave

I believe that a 4 weeks paid leave affects a
business since they are getting paid for nothing. The business is losing a lot
of money as though people are not working, and the business still must pay
them. On top of that maternity leave takes away more business money as it shows
that they are not working and still get paid for a couple of weeks. Also, the
business whilst people have that leave time, need to employ part time workers
to cover up for that time, and pay them. Overall the business is losing out on
a lot of money and will not be easy to make it back. This money could be spent
on helping to improve the business, instead of leave.  I think that all employees should ask for a leave in advanced
other than doing it last minute so that companies like Game can employ a part
time worker other than paying more for last minute jobs.

2.      Minimum wage

Minimum wage is affecting businesses hugely. The minimum wage
for part time workers should be decreased as though it is showing that they are
only here for a limited amount of time and are still getting paid how much a
normal worker does. If a person is off for 4weeks then the business should pay
less than minimum wage as though they are not working.