ADOLESCENCE fault for not knowing about vitamins.”ADOLESCENCE fault for not knowing about vitamins.”


The main theme that the writer tried to deliver to reader is the process
of how the main character, Adrian went through his adolescence period conveying
insecurities and surprises along the journey. One of the example is that it
shows how Adrian tried to coup with all the changes that’s happening to his
body that strike him without signs and lead to his insecurities of how to face
the society that might judge his physical changes in bad way where he often put
the blame on other people for not being care enough for his changes. During the
story telling, Adrian undergone his puberty stage that brought changes to his
physical which is shown when there is always spots on his face when he woke up
from bed that led to his anxiety of how it may affect his teenage life around
other teenagers. There are numbers of evidence can be found related to the
adolescence theme of the main character from the novel. All evidence shows his
anxiety and insecurity of the physical transformation that he gone through.

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“Just my luck, I’ve got a spot on my chin for the first day of the
New Year!” (Page 1)

“The spot on my chin is getting bigger. It’s my mother’s
fault for not knowing about vitamins.” (Page 2)

“I think the spot is a boil. Just my luck to have it where
everybody can see it. I pointed out to my mother that I hadn’t had any vitamin
C today. She said, ‘Go and buy an orange, then’. This is typical.” (Page 2)

“I think Nigel’s parents were wrong to take him abroad. He hasn’t
got a single spot yet.” (Page 4)

“My spot or boil has reached its peak. Surely it can’t get any
bigger!” (Page 5)

“She squeezed the spot on my chin. It has made it worse.” (Page 6)



One of the minor theme that was included in the novel is the social
class difference specifically in Britain that the writer tried to tell to
reader. The theme was explored during Adrian’s visit to her love interest
Pandora’s house where he met the girl’s parent for the first time in the novel
during their committee meeting. Pandora’s family was illustrated to be well
educated and polite since they came from the middle-class society which is
truly different from Adrian’s family background. Pandora’s family also involved
closely with left-wing politics. They insisted Adrian to call by their first
names as a way of treating him equally and politely before they eventually lend
him a socialist literature that might capture Adrian’s interest to join politic
too. We also get to know the wide difference between the upper and lower
working class through Adrian’s visit to Nigel house. He keeps on pointing out
how Nigel’s house was occupied with thing that even his family cannot afford
such as massive bedroom, stereo and colour television. Through this particular
setup, the writer tried to show readers how it symbolise the huge gaps in
British society. The theme regarding the social strata can easily be seen
through the background character who exist to support the main story that
revolves around the main character.

“So now I know where Pandora lives! I had a good look at
the house. It is much bigger than ours. It has got rolled-up wooden blinds at
all the windows, and the rooms look like jungles because of all the green plants.” (Page 45)

is dead lucky. His house is absolutely fantastic! Everything is modern. I don’t
know what he must think of our house, some of our furniture is over a hundred
years old!” (Page 77)

“Pandora’s mother said I could call her Tania. Surely that is a
Russian name? Her father said I could call him Ivan. He is very nice, he gave
me a book to read; it is called The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists” (Page



of the obvious theme in this story is Adrian’s determination which include his
ambitions and desire to win the heart of his crush, Pandora and also to become
a successful BBC’s published writer of poetry despite his failure to get them. As
Adrian’s parents work in the lower class and his mum left them behind, he
realised that he was stuck in an unemployed situation that made him depressed
over time with his father been drinking and not capable of paying the bills of
the house. With less money for them to survive, Adrian pulls himself together
to help his father getting a job and when George delivered unique business
idea, he is brave enough to represent his father’s achievement with pride.


“I have written a poem, and it only took me two minutes. Even the
famous poets take longer than that.” (Page 13)

“Dear Adrian Mole,
thank you for the poems which you sent to the BBC and which somehow landed up
on my desk. I read them with interest and, taking into account your tender
years, I must confess that they do show some promise. However they are not of
sufficient quality for us to consider including them in any of our current
poetry programme.” (Page 37)

“Pandora and I are going round to welcome them to our district.
We are determined to show that not all white people are racist fanatics” (Page 124)

“My father is going to start his own business making spice racks. He has spent
the last of his redundancy money on buying pine and glue. Our spare bedroom has
been turned into a workshop. Sawdust is all over the house. I am very proud of
my father. He is now a company director and I am now a company director’s son!”
(Page 173)


Another underlying
theme in the novel that can be seen is the care that Adrian got from his
grandmother. This theme was emphasized greatly through the character of
Adrian’s grandmother who can we say, always be there when he is in troubles or
problems. In the novel, whenever Adrian is having problem that went too bad for
him, he will goes to his grandmother, who provide the comfort that he need in
that situation by squeezing his spots and preparing him mouth-watering meals
that he loves. For example, when Adrian’s father laugh at him regarding the
matter of a man that secretly admires his mom, he might have felt very uneasy
with it so he went to his grandmother’s house to clear his mind, seeking for
comfort. As expected from his grandmother, the woman cooked him delicious
dinner despite being busy with other things too. The evidence shows how much
Adrian’s grandmother care about her grandchildren who is undergoing a very
rough situation at home, lack of loves and attentions from his parent.

“I cleared off to my grandma’s at dinner-time. She
cooked me a proper Sunday dinner with gravy and individual Yorkshire puddings.
She is never too busy to make real custard either.” (Page 36)

rang my grandma and she came round in a taxi and took me to her house and put
me to bed. I am there now. It is very clean and peaceful.” (Page 55)

“Rang my grandmother to tell her about Doreen Slater. My grandma didn’t sound
too pleased, she said it was a common-sounding name and I am inclined to agree
with her.” (Page 76)

for tea at grandma’s. I was sad and withdrawn because of Pandora’s sojourn in
Tunisia. Grandma asked if I was constipated.” (Page 132)



The theme friendship
can be apply to the relationship that Adrian has with Nigel, a so called best
friend of him. Even though sometimes Adrian seems to be having bad thought of
his friend, he still shows that he pay attention to what Nigel is doing especially
before he got the news of Nigel is having a romantic relationship with his crush,
Pandora. Throughout the novel, we could see how Adrian is actually paying
attention to every detail of what Nigel, his best friend is doing despite he is
being criticising everything of what Nigel does. It shows in the novel of how
Adrian witnessed Nigel riding a new bike in the morning that was equipped with
water bottle, milometer, speedometer, yellow saddle and thin racing wheel. We
can see how observant Adrian has been around Nigel and we can assume that he is
being jealous towards his best friend. Despite all that negative opinion that
he has on Nigel, Adrian still being open to be his best friend that prove the
friendship that they had in this story.

“Nigel came round
today. He has got a tan from his Christmas holiday.” (Page 7)

“Nigel came round on
his new bike this morning. It has got a water bottle, a milometer, a
speedometer, a yellow saddle, and very thin racing wheels. It’s wasted on Nigel.”
(Page 8)

“Nigel brought his
records round. He is into punk, but I don’t see the point if you can’t hear the
words.” (Page 11)

“Nigel came round to
see if I wanted to go to the pictures but I told him I couldn’t, because I was
going to the doctor’s about the spot.” (Page 17)

“Nigel has got a
dead yukky job looking after kids in a playgroup. He is as sick as a parrot.”
(Page 18)


One of the most
interesting theme that can be found in this novel is the loyalty that Adrian
had towards his heart crush, Pandora. As a new student in Adrian’s school with
pretty looking and smart, Pandora really got a lot of eyes onto her. Adrian is
one of them who has been admiring her all along. Even though she date his best
friend, Nigel at first, Adrian still keep his feeling onto her during their
relationship. When she broke up with Nigel and went to date Craig Thomas later,
Adrian still keeps his feeling for her until he get the chance to date Pandora.
He even does all the thing for her despite she is having some scandals with
other boys at school which is the most annoying he hate about. Pandora also
being loyal to Adrian during their relationship even though he cheated on her
with Barbara. All this evidence points out to the loyalty theme that the writer
tells in the story and deliver to the readers.

even worse than that! Pandora is going out with Nigel!!!!! I think I will never
get over this shock.” (Page 22)

Goodnight Pandora my treacle-haired love.” (Page 25)

You are still on my mind, baby” (Page 27)

Pandora three dozen red roses.” (Page 62)

and I are in love! It is official! She told Claire Neilson, who told Nigel, who
told me.” (Page 113)