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After Ice Cube departed from N.W.A
he debuted a solo album. His album, America’s Most Wanted, was a pivotal change
for Ice Cube and rap music. This new album was mostly about social injustice,
political issues, and what it was like in LA in more low income communities in
Los Angeles. It was seen as a cry for help from Ice Cube to help start a
revolution for change. Ice Cube also wanted to use his new album to help
empower black men and women in the community. There was a lot going on during
this period of the early 1990’s. For example, Rodney King was beaten by white
police officers and a young African-American girl was murdered for allegedly
stealing something to drink. At this time, there was a lot of tension within
communities. Where you live is where you always hope to always feel safe but unfortunately
that was not always the case at this time. Reasons like those previously
stated, are what inspired Ice Cube to use his platform to bring awareness and
knowledge to others. Ice Cube’s album was very blunt, honest, and aggressive.

So aggressive in fact, that it was even banned in some store and protested by
those who felt it promoted violence.

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gangs of Los Angeles began brutally and typically there was a lot of police
violence to go along with it. There were many gangs throughout the East and
West, most notably the Bloods and the Crips. Often, during this time in LA some
police saw the cracking down on gangs as a way to keep their jobs. As a result,
they often created issues with gangs without cause. Although the Bloods and
Crips were the two main gangs in Los Angeles there was another group called the
Grapes. The dividing line between the Bloods and the Crips territories were the
railroads and Watts Towers. The Grapes were not affiliated with the Bloods or
the Crips and their territory was on the dividing lines near the Watts Tower.

Eventually, the Grapes became peaceful and others followed. Gangs soon came to
an agreement called the United Black Community Code. This code was based off of
a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. It was obviously modified for the
gangs of LA so that there could be some peace in black communities. Nonetheless,
riots began all over the city after the four officers involved in the Rodney
King trial.

the west coast, there was a period of truce and peace amongst gangs. Gang
violence in LA had gone down and the creativity and expression was at an all-time
high. People were using their minds as a way to send messages to one another. Although
the gangs were peaceful it caused police to become suspicious and police
brutality was still prominent amongst LAPD. They definitely had it out for
African-Americans, Hispanics, and just the youth overall. At this time, rappers
used their music to speak out against politics, politicians and the media. The
Black community was inspired and continued to strive for peace and unity.